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Mar 19, 2018 | Weddings

Happy Monday, Sparrows! We have been anxiously awaiting this day as it marks the very first contributor article written by a 2018 BLOGGING BRIDE! Woohoo... we are so pleased to introduce the lovely Kelsey (and her sweetheart Nic) to all of you.

Goodness it can be hard to narrow down your wedding style, especially with the prominence of wedding blogs *cough cough*, Pinterest, and comparing the other weddings you've been to in the past. We know more than anything it's easiest to relate to a peer... so Kelsey, owner of Due South Events an wedding and event planning business, could not be more perfect. Without further ado, take it away Kelsey!

Hi there! My name is Kelsey. I live in the Washington, DC area, plan fundraisers for our local children's hospital, and recently launched my own wedding and event planning business called Due South Events. Oh, and I’m engaged! I am getting married to my fiancé, Nic, on September 15, 2018 in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina.

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Nic and I originally set out to plan a nautical, waterside wedding in Annapolis, Maryland. The city holds a special place in both of our hearts for many reasons - we are both from there, we met there, and we lived there together in the beginning of our relationship. As we talked more and more about the location of our future wedding, Nic and I began to have conversations with one another about how we wanted our wedding to feel and how we wanted our guests to feel that evening. We began to make a list of keywords that we thought would help us be intentional with our planning. We found words like intimate, minimalist, southern, natural, and relaxed stood out and described not only us as a couple but also the style we hope to have for our celebration. After a period of time, our vision took us south to one of our favorite cities and also the place we got engaged - Charleston, South Carolina.

Because wedding planning and design is something I truly love and aspire to make a career out of, I have decided to plan our wedding without the help from an additional planner or stylist. From the beginning, Nic and I have set out to create an evening that feels intimate, elegant yet rustic, with a nod to southern traditions. I have spent a great deal of time searching for sources of inspiration and have created a vision board to keep me grounded in my intentions. Pinterest is a great resource and one I go back to often along with wedding blogs and social media accounts.

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In an effort to create a unique event, I have tried to find inspiration and define our wedding style by seeking and staying true to our interests and personalities. I have looked inward and explored what Nic and I truly are drawn to as a couple. We have a passion for both travel and food, so not only are we having a mini destination wedding, we are serving a three-course meal with southern-style cuisine. We are also both minimalists and drawn to rustic accents, so I have woven this through our decor by incorporating natural, organic elements such as neutral bridesmaid dresses and greenery bouquets tied with frayed ribbons. I have also looked outward and explored what I am drawn to in fashion and interior design. Not only do I look at what is trending (I see you, velvet), I also look at my own wardrobe and home decor explore why I am drawn to the items I surround myself with on a daily basis.

In short, Nic and I want our wedding to feel like us. We want our wedding to feel like someone is coming over to our house, sitting down on the couch, and enjoying a glass of wine. More or less. As we continue down our wedding planning path, I am immensely thankful that Nic and I initially took the time to patiently and intentionally choose our wedding style. We cannot wait for the day and I cannot wait to share more of my planning experience with you!

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