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Wedding Sparrow is inspired by organic, tangible, artisanal, natural and light wedding inspiration.

Wedding Sparrow is a source of inspiration that covers everything from getting engaged, bridal style, how to choose your wedding vendors, to honeymoons and travel. Every day you can expect me to share what’s inspiring me and the WS team lately.

Working on Wedding Sparrow has been a journey. So much has changed since I started this as a fun project during 2011. I cannot believe how much I’ve learned about the wedding world and how much I’ve learned about myself. I invite you to read more about my story, how I started Wedding Sparrow and what I think the future holds for us.

There’s a reason we’ve been voted Best Wedding Blog 4 times,­ we offer the wedding industry something different. The fine art niche. Following my love for all things tangible, I also exclusively feature film photography. My love for film shines through the quality of work we feature on the blog and I'm inspired by how many photographers, stylists, florists and artists now feel the same.

I'm here to champion authentic, inspirational wedding inspiration so if you’d like to get involved, you can submit, sponsor, create or chat with us! I'm dedicating to pushing ourselves to be the best for you so join us in the #fineartcuration...

About Wedding Sparrow
Sara Russell

Sara Russell Founder & Curator

I’m driven by the beauty of editorial wedding photography shot on film, and after realising in 2011 that there wasn’t another blog out there curating what I wanted to see, I created one myself on good old Wordpress. Fast forward a few years and it’s a multi (wom)an team based all over the world with access to millions of blog readers and over 1/2 a million+ social followers! I’m inspired by simplicity, beauty, originality and the complexity of nature, and you can read more about my founder story in the Industry category and what makes me tick.

Wedding Sparrow has already won five industry awards since launching and I couldn’t be more proud. Striving to lead the industry towards natural light and timeless beauty, I love to travel the world meeting like­-minded artisans who create beauty in the wedding world for Wedding Sparrow readers.


Want to join the team?

We’re always on the lookout for talented folk with a refined eye for beautiful aesthetic. Sound like you? You can email us your resume and experience to to see if we have any vacancies…


Workshops, Styling, Branding


We love the tangible here at Wedding Sparrow and find nothing more fulfilling in our work than the world to meet other like minded artists to create beauty on film. Whether it’s at a workshop in Italy, France or an editorial in California, we can custom create a presentation, informal chat, advise on-set, plan and speak at your event.

Whether it’s a film photography, or a planning or styling workshop, we can offer practical teachings and PDFs to take home for your attendees. We’ve worked with Greg Finck, Erich McVey, VERO Workshops, Boheme Workshops and more. We can talk to attendees about getting published, branding, social media, networking, and more. If travel isn't in your budget or you just need us to present to your attendees, we can also offer 'virtual workshops'. For more information email us here.


Social media can be a pretty overwhelming world full of algorithms, new platforms, hashtags and very saturated market. So how do we stand out? How do we find the time during our busy days to prioritise social media? How do we make sure we’re reaching the type of client we want and not just spam bots? Here at Wedding Sparrow, we’ve been organically growing our social media following since 2012 with a combined social following of over 800,000 with reaches of over 7 million every month.

If you’re interested in Wedding Sparrow driving your social media platforms towards your ideal niche market of brides, we can post, tag, analyze and make sure your engagement is prioritized rather than just ‘empty’ followers. Contact us here.

Editorial & Brand Campaigns

Wedding Sparrow has worked with David Austin Roses, St Giles House wedding venue, Ritz Carlton, Thomson Holidays, Carillon Hotel Paris and more around the world to create portfolio worthy editorials and social campaigns. Have a product or service you’d like us to style? We love to create timeless creations and would love to work with you too. Contact us here.