Wedding Sparrow & the Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Awards 2014

Jul 09, 2014 | Industry
OK, so we kind of missed something yesterday. We were so into our little fine art bubble something pretty huge passed us by. We've been nominated for a Cosmopolitan Magazine Blog Award for Best Wedding Blog. Yep, that magazine you read for fashion tips and the latest on what's in and what's out. The international magazine with celebrities on the cover. Yep. We just can't believe it! Now let me first start off by saying a huge THANK YOU to whoever voted for us. We're super flattered. We're up against some major talent from some well established blogs so we're going into this with our eyes wide open. But, as my mum always said, it's not the winning that matters, it's the taking part that counts. And we're going to PARTICIPATE LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW! Izzie Rae Photography Cosmo Blog Awards Izzie Rae Photography This award means a huge amount to what we created Wedding Sparrow for. Getting something different in front of the UK and international bridal market. Getting fine art and film photography to the forefront. The more times we can get out into the public domain and let people know that there is something different out there, the more popular it becomes. The more pretty this world becomes! Our whole team is committed to making Wedding Sparrow a success and it's thanks to their hard work too that little ol' Wedding Sparrow has gotten this far. You can vote for us here up until 29th August 2014! We'd REALLY appreciate your support for this young brand and business! GO TEAM SPARROW! Izzie Rae Photography Vendor details Photography: Izzie Rae Photography | Styled by: Wedding Sparrow | Florals: Bo Boutique Flowers | Dresses: Claire Pettibone


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