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Jun 05, 2015 | Weddings
This adorably in love couple wanted their biggest and most special day to be just as much about their friends and family as about them. This sentiment is so sweet and definitely makes for an unforgettable day. Although the radiant bride thought it may be difficult to mix she and her finance's style together (one part vintage, one part modern), Green Garland Events helped everything come together to reflect their two personalities. We just knew these photos would be so genuine when we learned that the groom was the brother of the lovely Connie Whitlock... how special! Read on to see what the bride and groom did for their big day... From the Bride: "Jason and I had been together for six years when we got married. We wanted to throw a delightful little party to celebrate with our friends and family, who so essentially provided us with endless support and love. We wanted our guests to feel that our wedding day was just as much a party for each of them, and for everyone to feel the affection, delight, and the love that so pervaded our existence.  Our venue, Bella Collina was a happy accident. We were online looking through pictures of venues to visit, and stumbled upon this beautiful nostalgic estate that seemed to naturally grow out of the hillside. One of us reasoned, "Well, it doesn't hurt to take a look..." and we never glanced back. We had always loved the open and natural landscapes of the Tuscan countryside, and since we were planning to honeymoon there as well, we felt it would be a lovely way to bring our guests there to see our dreams with us.  The venue, in turn, provided much of the inspiration for our wedding. Our struggle, however, was how to complement our two styles - Jason is modern, whereas I’m traditional with a touch of vintage - while allowing the down-to-earth, light, and natural beauty of the venue to shine. Luckily, we had unparalleled support from our photographer Connie Whitlock (who adores everything wedding-related), our super talented wedding coordinator Mijanne of Green Garland Events (who understands everything romantic), and my selfless sister Angela (who just became a newlywed half a year before us). Our florist and coordinator Green Garland Events saw our vision immediately and worked magic helping us pull together all the aspects, and even hand-dying hombre muslin to tie the beautiful organic bouquets with! The simplicity and beauty of the florals helped bring everything together, from the farm tables, to the escort cards, to the photo lounge, and to the ceremony walkway. We got really lucky with our photographers. They hail from Denver, where they have so much beautiful wedding scenery to shoot in the mountains, and so graciously traveled to Florida. They also sacrificed much of being “guests” at our wedding to work it, in order to create an abundance of ridiculously gorgeous memories for us. Connie also happens to be sister of the groom, so each photo session with her and her husband Brad was completely natural, open, and delightful. Jason and I tapped into our DIY creativity for many facets of the wedding, including all of the stationary and signage. I converted photo frames into chalkboards and composed messages with chalk marker. We hand-drew our two motorcycles and vectorized them on the thank you stationary to represent how we met. We also had individualized welcome boxes for each of our out-of-town guests that the hotel passed out. Another detail we loved was the Colombian Coffee & Madagascar Vanilla macaron favors tied with gold stranded bakers twine, for a little taste of Paris, a tribute to another one of our honeymoon locations. November 1st was an amazing and beautiful day full of laughter and so much love, made perfect with every single person who was present. We could not feel any more blessed and thankful for all that was involved with the beginning of the rest of our lives!" Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_009 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_023 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_031 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_020 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_035 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_038 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_043 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_044 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_036 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_051 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_070 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_083 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_080 Connie Whitlock Photography Outdoor_blush_florida_wedding_Bella_Collina_by_Connie_Whitlock_072 Connie Whitlock Photography
Vendor Details
Photography: Connie Whitlock | Film Lab used: Goodman Film Lab | Floral Design & Wedding Coordination: Green Garland Events | Dress: Mikaella | Shoes: Valentino | Groomsmen Attire: Vera Wang at Men's Wearhouse | Cakes: Publix, Sun Pearl Bakery | Favors: Le Macaron | DJ: Al Dee Productions | Lighting: Kaleidescope Event Lighting, Al Dee Productions | Rentals: Wish Vintage Rentals, A Chair Affair | Officiant: Reverend Steve, A Beautiful Ceremony | Hair & Makeup: LeJeune Hair & Makeup Artistry | Venue: Bella Collina


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