Old World Wedding Inspiration from L’amour et L’image Workshop

Jul 17, 2015 | Inspiration

Today's gorgeous set of inspiration, courtesy of film photographer Sylvie Gil from the L'amour et L'image Workshop in France, is full of rich, old world-esque opulence. Beginning with the beautiful, radiant bride dressed alternatively in a black robe by our favorite, Girl With a Serious Dream, for her boudoir session, we love the play on light and the beautiful tones. This editorial would be particularly perfect for the couple who dares to use deeper colors in their wedding design like the bordeaux colored florals by HollyFlora. Each day of this lovely workshop offered a different style and theme so read on and discover which fits your aesthetic...

From Sylvie Gil"This wedding was created for the exclusive 4-day film photography workshop held in Burgundy, France every year in April. Lead by fine art film photographer Sylvie Gil, L'amour et L'image brings to France some of the leaders of the American wedding industry.  An amazing team of creatives, some of the top wedding professionals in the United States, joined us to style and design beautiful weddings scenes in this stunning environment."

From Brooke Keegan"Chateau de Varnnes is located in the gorgeous Burgundy region of France.  With its expansive grounds, gardens, chateaux and chapel, it makes for the perfect wedding venue.  Just recently named CNN’s top ten wedding venues worldwide, it was the only venue in France to receive these honors.  When Sylvie was in search of the perfect workshop location and came across Chateau de Varennes, it was a no brainer!   When Sylvie asked me to collaborate with her, I was so excited to dive in and start designing.  I knew I had to bring over the rock star duo, Holly and Becky from HollyFlora to help me execute my vision.  I wanted there to be cohesiveness throughout the 3 days of the workshop, but I also wanted to create interest and slightly different color palettes to keep the attendees interested from day to day.  The underlying tone of the week was the color blush.  Some say it is such a traditional decision, but every day, I put a completely different twist on such a “tradition” and “typical” color that is often incorporated in weddings because it is timeless.   All of the attendees were able to sign up for one on ones with the instructors.  The great thing is that each instructor offered a different type of one on one.  

Bianca from Little Miss Press  offered a calligraphy class, which all of the attendees loved, and Holly Flora offered foraging in the backcountry of the chateaux.  This gave the attendees the opportunity to help pick the items that would accompany the floral designs for the day.   The first day we infused it with natural greens, ivories, whites and blooming branches into the styled shoots.  The second day, we infused a deep burgundy color with the blush as well as blooming branches, whites, ivories and natural greens.  And the third and final day, we incorporated mixed metals along with blush, butter yellow, whites, ivories, soft peach and natural greens.  Where they all had the underlying blush tone, they all looked different and created a different mood and feel for each day.  It is proof that blush can be more impactful when paired with other colors and tones!"

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Girl With a Serious Dream is a Wedding Sparrow approved vendor and proudly part of the Fine Art Curation. You can see more of her beautiful work here.

Vendor Details

Photography: Silvie Gil Photography | Film Lab: | Styling: Brooke Keegan | Venue: Chateau de Varennes | Floral Design & Candles: HollyFlora | Accessories: Styled by TC | Gowns: Claire Pettibone | Church Gown: Lazaro | Tuxes: The Black Tux | Gown in Window: Sarah Janks | Hair & Makeup: Marina Gandrey | Veil Headpiece: Jeannie Baltzer | Paper Products & Calligraphy: Little Miss Press | Lingerie: Girlwithaseriousdream | Ring Boxes: The Mrs Box | Linens: La Tavola | SEO & Marketing: Potluck Consulting | Models: Louise Molinaro - Ondine - Antonin Chevalier - Christophe Berlin


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