Old World Wedding Inspiration with Neutral Details

Feb 06, 2015 | Inspiration

Simplicity is the key to our heart and we just love gaining inspiration from classically elegant editorials like this one from Kurt Boomer Photography. The romance in these images just exudes from the light and with styling and gowns from our favourite Gossamer, we just knew this design would be perfect in it's organic yet elegant way. The rustic location of Greystone Mansion sets the perfect juxtaposition for the delicate lace and calligraphy from Stephanie Fishwick...

From Kurt Boomer Photography: "Shot in the heart of California, this boudoir and bridal shoot was inspired by French country estates. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Greystone Mansion provided a quiet respite from the busy city life. We wanted to evoke a feeling of old-world charm so we chose a neutral color palette and focused on the beauty and simplicity of the surroundings. Our bride wandered amongst the beautiful gardens of Greystone as we envisioned a bride would as she is reflecting on her big day."

Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-5 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-13 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-24 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-41 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-51 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-74 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-87 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-69 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-57 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-77 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-2 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-82 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-72 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-59 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-50 Kurt Boomer Photography Kurt-Boomer-Photgraphy-30 Kurt Boomer Photography

Vendor details

Photography: Kurt Boomer Photography | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Styling/Florals/Wardrobe: Gossamer | Ribbon: Silk and Willow | Calligraphy: Stephanie Fishwick | Model: Marissa Borovay | Location: Greystone Mansion


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