Midsummer Day by the Sea ~ Ashley Dang Photography

Sep 03, 2013 | Inspiration
With summer behind us, we're clinging on to whatever summer inspiration we can here at Wedding Sparrow HQ! This beach inspiration shoot from Ashley Dang is entitled 'Midsummer Day by the Sea' and we're enamoured by it. From Ashley ~ "Inspired by the long summer days here in Southern California, I decided to capture one of my favourite things to do near my neighbourhood: biking during sunset. I acquired the cute green vintage bike as a gift from my little sister a while back and have been dreaming of a shoot where a young bride is riding along a bike path during sunset with a basket filled with an overflow of whimsical flowers. We found the dress at a local vintage shop and thought it had the perfect daisy lace detail that incorporated the fresh flowers from her basket. My favourite part of the shoot is when the sun is about to kiss the horizon and there was a magical warm glow in the air that I was so lucky to capture in the images. If this doesn’t make you love summer, gosh, I don’t know what will." AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0031 Photography ~ Ashley Dang AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0037 Photography ~ Ashley Dang AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0027 Photography ~ Ashley Dang ADDuo1 Photography ~ Ashley Dang AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0020 Photography ~ Ashley Dang AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0025 Photography ~ Ashley Dang AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0019 Photography ~ Ashley Dang AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0006 Photography ~ Ashley Dang ADDuo2 Photography ~ Ashley Dang AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0009 Photography ~ Ashley Dang AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0001 Photography ~ Ashley Dang AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0033 Photography ~ Ashley Dang AshleyDangPhotos_GirlOnBike0038 Photography ~ Ashley Dang Vendor details: Photographer: Ashley Dang Photography // Creative Direction: Ashley Dang // Hair and Make Up: Kelly from Kelly Tran Artistry // Model: Karina // Location: Belmont Heights, Long Beach, California // All film, processed and scanned by a local friend, Danny Goodman


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