Metallic inspired wedding ideas

May 28, 2015 | Inspiration

Using a metallic to underpin your wedding color palette is a great way to keep things flowing throughout the styling aspects. From the candlesticks on the tables to your jewellery on the big day, choose a solid metallic tone to complement your other colors. This editorial from Mike Radford Photography and stylist Lace and Likes is a great mixture of neutrals and metallics! The flowing Sarah Seven dress and the sparkling Nasty Gal dress are total opposites but somehow come together to form a stunning coastal wedding inspiration...

From Lace and Likes: "This shoot was inspired by silvery metals and the juxtaposition between a softer bridal look and a more edgy one. Focusing on the color grey/silver/gunmetal, we wanted to throw those elements into a more natural environment, which is why we chose sunset cliffs. With the florals, I wanted to keep the palette pretty neutral, but decided to throw in some darker colors to offset the metals being used throughout the shoot. I have a hard time with just white bouquets, I like to throw some color in there even if its just a hint of it. The dresses were really the stars of the show, along with our stunning model, bleu. Pair that with beautiful light and Mike Radford Photography's incredible photography and this is what you get! Oh, and then there's that completely bananas ring from Trumpet and Horn. I wanted to keep it forever. All in all, it was such a fun collaboration, and I loved watching it come together.

Gunmetal-87 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-98 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-78 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-52 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-71 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-28 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-84 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-50 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-54 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-23 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-12 Mike Radford Photography Gunmetal-95 Mike Radford Photography

Vendor details

Photography: Mike Radford PhotographyFilm Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Styling: Lace and Likes | Florals: Siren Floral Co | Rentals: Witty Rentals | HMUA: Andie Jones Hair | Dress: Sarah Seven via The Dress Theory | Second Dress: Nasty Gal | Headpiece: Amber Sceats | Ring: Trumpet and Horn


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