Ethereal Wedding Inspiration in a Mediterranean Cove

Sep 29, 2015 | Inspiration
The soft light, the crashing waves, and the sea-derived color palette in this lovely sunset shoot by l'Artisan photographe takes our breath away. Dreaming of a more relaxed vibe? Take the lead from this boho feel with a driftwood table set on the sandy beach. We are especially smitten with the ethereal Carnet de Marriage gown... From l'Artisan Photographe: "We are delighted to present our latest collaboration with Céline from Carnet de Mariage! An editorial photoshoot that we boarded in a small Mediterranean cove at sunset. A soft light of late afternoon, a table with silver and neutral tones to the waterfront and a beautiful dresses from Carnet de Mariage wedding collection have suffice to inspire us!  For this shoot, we wanted to conduct different worlds: Orient & the Sea. Celine's grandmother lived in Lebanon and we wanted to take the oriental codes in terms of pattern and material but without working on the saturated colors that characterize it, as if they had been passed by the sea." artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-2 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-11 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-20 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-45 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-43 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-24 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-29 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-47 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-55 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-53 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-36 l'Artisan Photographe artisan-photographe-fine-art-film-editorial-oriental-m…e-provence-35 l'Artisan Photographe
Vendor Details
Photography: l'Artisan photographe | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab | Styling : l'Artisan photographe & Carnet de Mariage | Dress : Carnet de mariage | Hair : Les mariées du salon | Makeup : Audrey Robino | Flowers : l'Art qui pousse | Ribbons : Silk & Willow | Calligraphy : Nice Plume Calligraphy  


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