Decadent Winter Wedding Inspiration

Jan 16, 2015 | Inspiration

We're excited for the year ahead and part of our plans include to meet the wonderful Brancoprata at Light Workshop in France. Not only do they shoot film, but they turn their hands to everything creative in the fine art world including florals and creative direction. We love how they've taken this chic Winter inspired city wedding inspiration and made it both light and bold creating one beautiful bridal inspiration...

From Brancoprata: "We live in a city that is vibrant and also very artistic! It's very usual to find interesting people everywhere, so when we got the chance to create with a small group of artists, who work in our wedding community circle, we felt inspired and couldn't wait to get started! This is the first editorial we did as a team, it's a very small one, done at our studio, here in Porto, or as we call it, our laboratory!

Most of the year we are all so caught up on work, deadlines, clients, networking.... that we often forget to inspire one another... with this laboratory we hope to change this, specially because we all want to leave our comfort zone, we want to experiment and create imagery out of the ordinary! We still have a long way to go, but our minds are open and ready to experiment new paths, when it comes to wedding inspiration. For this particular inspiration we envision a dinner party between bride and groom, just days before the wedding and we focused the shoot on her "getting ready" part of the day!

We wanted to recreate an elegant environment with some decadent touches inspired by the dress from Cedofeita 300, but at the same time we used more modern elements like gold vinyl for the invitation suite and golden accents on the cake. Ranunculus and english roses enhanced the elegant mood we were after."

Editorial_Decadent_Winter46 Brancoprata Editorial_Decadent_Winter47 Brancoprata Editorial_Decadent_Winter42 Brancoprata Editorial_Decadent_Winter23 Brancoprata Editorial_Decadent_Winter30 Brancoprata Editorial_Decadent_Winter19 Brancoprata Editorial_Decadent_Winter48 Brancoprata Editorial_Decadent_Winter59 Brancoprata Editorial_Decadent_Winter03 Brancoprata

Vendor details

Photographer: André Teixeira, Brancoprata | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab | Creative Direction + Florals: Sofia Ferreira, Brancoprata | Cake Design: T Bakes | Hair: Diff Hair Designers | Fashion Styling: Pretty Exquisite | Make Up: Pretty Exquisite | Dress: Cedofeita 300 | Model: Angela Rocha | Antique Jewelry box: Ansil | Film: The Amazing Rabbit


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