Buy Our Honeymoon - The wedding gift list to fund your dream honeymoon​

Jun 06, 2018 | Honeymoon

The age old 'do we give gifts or cash to the happy couple?' is a question we're asked often not only by the guests of weddings but also by brides and grooms wondering if it's rude to state the type of gifts they'd like from guests at their wedding. I mean, let's face it, the vast majority of couples these days have lived with their significant other prior to getting married and have everything they need for their home and lifestyle. But asking for cold hard cash? A little insensitive no? So we're thrilled to introduce you to the perfect option - Buy Our Honeymoon. Not a traditional 'drop some cash in an online account' type service - this service is about making the experience of giving cash as fun and meaningful and memorable — if not more so! — than giving a physical present. It’s hard to get too excited about simply dropping money in a card, but it’s actually quite romantic to pay for something knowing it’s earmarked for the last meal of the couple’s honeymoon, or even a cocktail in the airport on their way out.

Instead of pillow cases, have the first night in a tropical paradise. Instead of wine glasses, have dinner with an ocean view. You can include anything you can think of, and fund it through your gifts. Less stuff, more memories.

You can try out all Buy Our Honeymoon’s unique features by signing up for a free 7-day trial, with absolutely no obligation. And, if you start your free trial using promo code SPARROW, they’ll give you a massive 20% discount on their service, should you decide to go ahead! Read on for more information from Buy Our Honeymoon...

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Unlike a traditional gift registry of brands, quantities and costs, your honeymoon gift list tells the story of your plans together. And unlike simply asking for cash, your guests will feel their gifts to you are meaningful and special, not just measured by how much they’ve spent.

It’s more personal, and more romantic. Your guests will love helping you fund a gondola ride through Venice, or a camper van around the Australian coast. It’s so much more fun to give you a couples’ spa treatment than it is to buy you a towel bale.

Buy Our Honeymoon even makes it easy to set up a super-simple honeymoon fund where your guests can make suggestions to you on how they’d like you to spend the value of their gift!

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You can mix one-off gifts and open contributions on the same list, divide your list up into any number of custom sections and display your gift items in any order you like. There’s plenty of room for you to provide a full description of each item, and you can even include simple formatting and links. Buy Our Honeymoon’s service is uniquely flexible, and is perfect for both the simplest honeymoon fund and the most detailed itinerary.

Buy Our Honeymoon makes online payments from your guests easy and secure, with funds going directly to your bank account as soon as the payment clears. It’s easy to set up and there’s personal help for both you and your guests every step of the way.

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Unlike most other gift list services, Buy Our Honeymoon offer a variety of gorgeous, versatile design themes so that your list makes the perfect first impression. You can choose from a selection of discreet web addresses, their branding is subtle and restrained, and there are no ads to ruin the view.

Buy Our Honeymoon helps make cash honeymoon contributions as real, as polite, and as meaningful as physical gifts. With unique international options and dozens of ways to customise and tailor your honeymoon fund, Buy Our Honeymoon is the perfect gift list to let your guests give you the world.

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