How to Achieve Your Best Skin for your Wedding Day

Mar 02, 2016 | Planning

"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

- Roald Dahl

Outer beauty, resulting from love, positivity, and treating yourself kindly, can never be beat. There is a reason that guests swoon over the radiance that a bride carries with her on her wedding day, almost as if there is a halo of hope for the future gently following her. Sure, she probably had her hair and makeup professionally done, but the magic of new love is the absolute best beauty regimen. Today we're discussing how to achieve your best skin for your wedding day, laying the foundation for confidence and allowing those sunbeams of positivity to fully shine through.

Clear, glowing, fresh skin is always extremely coveted, no matter the occasion. We reached out to one of our favorite hair and makeup artists, Sanni Sorma, for expert advice about what it takes to prepare your skin, the best products for that wedding day glow, and more! We're already off to gather all of these amazingly wonderful suggestions by Sanni and we've rounded up all of her recommendations at the bottom of this post...

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Flawless skin take time and preparation! Not only will preparing for your best skin ever result in stunning photos, but your glow will increase your mood and boost your confidence leading up to your big day.

We understand flawless bridal skin doesn't just appear after a night of pampering! What are some types a bride can take to prep her skin for her wedding day, months or weeks before?

SS: Monthly facials go a long way to clear, gorgeous skin. Start at least 6 months beforehand, so you get the longer term benefits. Light peels with 20% Glycolic Acid is also a great idea as it really tightens pores, gets rid of pigmentation, and evens the skin tone. Be sure to use a sunscreen as peels do make you more sun sensitive!

What should a bride do for her skin the week of, night before, and day of her wedding?

SS: During the last week before the wedding day, stay out of the sun! Be sure to try your best to rest and hydrate. Be prepared for little breakouts due to stress - I recommend keeping a little bottle of Mario Badescu Drying Lotion in your handbag (we can attest to the amazing powers of this product!). Also, the Eve Lom Rescue Mask is amazing for those last minute skin emergencies!

Stress can be a major, and inevitable, cause of problematic skin (trust us, we know from experience!). Head over here for our tips on reducing your stress and keeping calm on your wedding day...

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While we wish perfect skin could be achieved just from a good night's rest and eating an apple every day ... sometimes we rely on some helpful products to push along the process!

Do you have a favorite beauty product? If so, what is it and why?

SS: Bioderma Crealine H20 Micellar Water! It makes your skin super clear without drying and takes off all makeup with out irritating. Skincare starts with perfectly clear skin. I also highly recommend the Fresh Rose Mask and the Fresh Sugar Face Polish. These two are an incredible combo for plump, smooth and glowing skin!

At the bottom of this post, we have rounded up all of Sanni's favorites, plus a few of our personal faves! We heart the Philosophy At-Home Vitamin C Peptide Peel and the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Mask!


SS: Hydrate, inside and out! Drink lots and lots of water and take skincare supplements - I recommend Ascenta Skin. Do this in combination with the externally hydrating methods mentioned above!

A huge thank you to international hair and makeup artist, Sanni Sorma for her incredibly helpful advice! By practicing a little bit of self-care and loving on your skin, you can feel as confident as ever on your wedding day. Remember, the best beauty practice truly is a kind and loving thought... and on your wedding day, we have a good feeling you'll have lots of those...

How to Achieve Your Best Skin on Your Wedding Day Pin it
How to Achieve Your Best Skin for Your Wedding Day | Wedding Sparrow | wedding blog Pin it
How to Achieve your Best Skin for your Wedding Day | Wedding Sparrow | wedding blog Pin it

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Sofia Adam - 3 July 2018

Nice article.


This post helped me a lot to attain glowing skin. I must say, the ideas in this post were really amazing. Thanks for this post.

Two stone engagement rings - 19 October 2016

Thanks for sharing. ^^

Arasu Wedding Photography - 6 September 2016

Habits are reflected in the skin of who cares. Avoid sun explosion, it must be moderate and always with sunscreen, well hydrated and avoid cigarette smoking, they are key to having beautiful skin.

Even before having a partner and think about a future with him you should start looking after yourself.

The really effective treatments are not those who hide imperfections, but those who leave the skin on your point for the big day and this of course takes time and effort, so it is best to start at least 5 months before the wedding.

Lucy Davis - 2 June 2016

Nice article! agree with it completely, to achieve that perfect look, we need to religiously follow a proper skincare routine as well as a good diet, I started following the basic routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing from 3 months before the wedding and the started using stem cell products which not only helped me in getting a glow but also made my skin more soft and supple.

Thephototoday - 3 March 2016

If hair care is important every day, the care is most important when preparing for your wedding makeup. If previously he took good care of your skin, here the tips to make your skin as soft as baby.

Skin care should begin four weeks before the wedding. You can use different types of care - cleaning, purification, gummed, hydration- that are more effective when combined and applied in a school, let you relax. Above all, no doubt ask your esthetician, rather than improvised expert, if you have skin imperfections such as redness, pimples and other black spots!

Several months before the wedding, you can also improve food hygiene. Do not eat sweet food and fat, which are not good for your skin or body. Gives preference to fruits, vegetables and fish every day without forgetting to drink a bottle of water, qui contribute moisturize the skin deep.

Jordan - 2 March 2016

Some good points here. It’s important to remember that you have to start preparing for your wedding as soon as you can - getting stuff like a skin routine down so you’ll look flawless on the big day!

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