How to Stay Calm on your Wedding Day

Feb 10, 2016 | Planning

Stress. The bride's worst enemy. We know how hard it is to keep control of everyone and everything around you but sometimes it's inevitable that your big day brings brand new stresses and strains you've never had to deal with before.

Chances are, you're working a 40 hour week already plus those hours of planning adding up, you're stretching beyond the norm. Plus with all those 'plugged in' hours we spend online (shopping, socialising etc), it all adds up. It’s no wonder that we often have trouble unwinding.

We all want to reach for the 'Cherry Garcia' or 'Chunky Monkey' along with a huge side of white wine but we're here to let you know there are much more natural ways to combat those wedding day stresses...


As yoga and fitness expert Rebecca Hajek explains, “The mind is like a muscle. We must learn to train it. Deep breathing and meditation help to trigger the parasympathetic system responsible for bodily activities that occur when the body is at rest.” Although meditation can seem intimidating at first, even controlling the mind for just 12 seconds is considered meditation at it’s simplest.

Try joining your local Yoga class and see how it goes. Chances are, you might meet some fellow stressed-out brides!


Did you know that it’s estimated that 75% of Americans are magnesium deficient, a shortage that can cause all kinds of harmful side effects, including stress. But this essential mineral can be found in loads of foods, including dark leafy greens, pumpkin and other seeds, bananas, avocado, dark chocolate and more, making it easy to incorporate more magnesium into your diet.

Omega 3 has long been touted for it’s heart saving and antioxidant benefits, but it turns out that the amazing omega-3 can also boost mood and alleviate depression! Although wild salmon, sardines and other seafoods are often cited for their omega power, walnuts and flax seeds actually have them beat, and soybeans and grass-fed beef are other surprising sources.


Not in the Psychiatric sense (well not yet!). Tell your friends and family exactly what you're struggling with. Be specific so they can help you. It's likely they'll be looking for a reason to help out too so don't be afraid to say it's too much for one person. There's a reason some brides hire a team of planners after all! Dishing out the jobs to your friends and family will free up your time and hopefully alleviate some stress.

How to Stay Calm on your Wedding Day Pin it
How to Stay Calm on your Wedding Day Pin it

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withUS - 7 July 2016

Some excellent advice. I think the biggest thing that I tell some of our brides though is to just have fun - it’s their day.

Lorna Lovecraft - 14 February 2016

Some great tips, it can be such a stressful time

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