Why a Simba Mattress should be on your Wedding Gift List

Feb 20, 2024 | Planning
Why a Simba Mattress should be on your wedding gift list and will provide a great start to married life Pin it

A thoughtfully curated gift registry completely transforms the act of gift-giving. You streamline the process for your loved ones and guests while ensuring that each offering perfectly aligns with your refined taste - win, win! But what exactly should you include on your wedding gift list? Gone are the days of dinner services and toasters - think timeless heirlooms, beautiful experiences and modern indulgences. Our top tip? Include the sumptuous comfort of a Simba mattress for a well-rested start to married life.

Newly married couple enjoying the comfort of a Simba mattress Pin it


Simba are experts in the science of sleep. As a brand, their number one aim is to bring great sleep to the globe and by using body profile data from ten million sleepers, Simba’s team of sleep scientists have created mattresses designed and crafted for every sleeping style and body type. With over 60 sleep industry awards and more five-star reviews than any other mattress brand in the world, you won’t find a better mattress to have on your wedding gift list.

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You’ve had the perfect wedding, a beautiful start to married life with a dream-like honeymoon and then you return home to a bed which isn’t supportive, doesn’t adapt to your body and certainly doesn’t leave you waking up feeling refreshed and revitalised. A Simba mattress will change all of that. Great nights' sleep are guaranteed and cozy Sunday mornings positively encouraged.

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Simba has a wide range of mattresses for every sleeping position and body type. The Hybrid Original Mattress offers a cooler, contoured sleep while the Hybrid Ultra Mattress has thirteen layers of superb natural materials and the best tech imaginable. Whichever Simba mattress you choose for your gift registry, you can be safe in the knowledge there is guaranteed comfort, temperature regulation, edge-to-edge support, amazing service with a 10-year guarantee and 200-night home trial, and sustainable production and materials. Which will you be adding to your gift registry?


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