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Nov 11, 2016 | Planning

Congratulations dear radiant bride! Your wedding day may be coming up soon, but if you want that coveted glowing skin (who doesn’t!) then you’ve got your work cut out for you, starting well over 6 months prior to the big day. We’ve got a few of our favorite tips and then a 6 month skincare routine that you’ll need to take notes on! Yeah, who wouldn't want glowing skin like beautiful Natalie in this autumnal editorial by Kat Willson?

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First things first – you have to eat your super foods! Facials, treatments, and products can only take you so far in skincare. Ultimately you are what you eat and you need to start chomping on naturally hydrating foods. Add these to your grocery list: watermelon, grapefruit, yogurt, walnuts, pomegranates, and sunflower seeds (lots of vitamin E!).


Nothing is more of a wrinkle and dry skin accelerant than the sun. Okay, yeah we know you want a nice, natural tan for your wedding day but did you know that protected, hydrated skin absorbs your moisturizer better? This means your makeup will stay nice for longer!


You can pick up a biotin vitamin at your local grocery store. Biotin is the vitamin responsible in part for the elasticity of your skin, the strength of your nails, and that pretty shine to your tresses! We recommend stocking up on this vitamin, which is sometimes nicknamed “Vitamin H” for hair and nails, at least 6 months prior to your wedding.

Wedding Skin Care Routine Pin it
Skincare routine on Wedding Sparrow | Kat Willson Photography Pin it
Skincare routine on Wedding Sparrow | Kat Willson Photography Pin it


Month 6:

-Research estheticians in your local area that work with mainly natural products.

-Get your first facial. Tip from a Wedding Sparrow favorite makeup artist Sanni Sorma: "Light peels with 20% Glycol Acid are also a great idea as it really tightens pores, gets rid of pigmentation, and evens the skin tone. Be sure to use a sunscreen as peels do make you more sun sensitive!”

-Start stocking up on good-for-you foods

-Start taking biotin

Month 5:

-Clean your makeup brushes. Dirt and grime can continually irritate your skin and break you out! We like this Sephora brush shampoo.

-Get a facial and load up on sunscreen.

-Start cementing your nightly routine. ALWAYS wash your face at the end of the night and apply moisturizer! We recommend Korres Greek Yoghurt Nightly Cream.

-Buy more Biotin

Month 4:

-Get a facial and load up on sunscreen.

-Up your water intake! The simplest way to do this is make sure you drink an entire glass of water when you're getting ready for work in the mornings, then your regular amount of water throughout the day. Water, water, water!

-Buy more Biotin

Month 3:

-Begin using a weekly gentle face mask. We suggest something with natural ingredients and gentle enough so as to not possible interfere with your facial treatment. This Honey Potion Renewal mask by Farmacy is one of our favorites!

-Are you drinking enough water? Moisturizing? Applying sunscreen?

-Let's talk about eye care now! Head to your local Sephora or beauty shop and talk to the experts about your specific eye skin care. The more you pay attention to this delicate area of your face, the better and more luminous you'll look on your wedding day. We personally love this Eye Duty Triple Remedy by First Aid Beauty.

-Buy more Biotin

Month 2:

-Get a facial and load up on sunscreen.

-Use your weekly face mask at night.

-Wash your brushes.

-Buy more Biotin

One month until the big day:

-Get your facial on the FIRST week of this month, 4 weeks prior to your wedding day. We want to ensure that your irritation after the facial and puffiness goes away!

-Drink up! Eat your greens! Keep up your weekly face mask!

-Night before and morning-of: use a sheet mask to brighten up your skin as a last ditch effort. Here are our favorites: water replenishing | brightening | rose brightening

Wedding Skin Care Routine Pin it
Skincare routine on Wedding Sparrow | Kat Willson Photography Pin it
Wedding Skin Care Routine Pin it
Wedding Skin Care Routine Pin it
Wedding Skin Care Routine Pin it

A huge thank you to Kat Willson for these stunning images!

From Kat: "This shoot came together fairly last minute - we knew that we wanted to explore something deep and moody, but not overthink or stress about it. We tend to think that that’s how the most beautiful weddings come together, too - without scouring Pinterest for every over-done idea, and without too much worry. We really wanted to find a black dress, which was a bit tricky, but we knew that it would bring the sense of depth we wanted to play with. On the evening we shot, we actually ran into a little bit of rain, which we were worried about but we LOVE the way it softened the sky and added a different sense of allure."

Vendor Details

Photography: Kat Willson | Film Lab: The Find Lab | Floral Designer: Stone House Creative | Dress Designer: American Apparel | Accessories: H&M | Venue: Birds Hill Park | Makeup Artist: Jessica | Hair: Brit Robson | Model: Natalie

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