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Jan 21, 2021 | Bridal Style

So you have an idea of what your wedding dress will look like, but aren't sure where to start on what kind of bridal jewelry suits it? Well, stay right here a while and browse through our favorite bridal accessories designer EDEN LUXE Bridal's top recommendations for different styles of wedding dress! From backless dress to long sleeved ones and those in between, read on and pin your faves...


Modern gowns with clean lines work beautifully with everything... they are basically a blank slate. Some pieces we'd pair with a modern sleek dress are a tiara also with clean lines - like the Taylor-Dodd Tiara, inspired by a diamond tiara owned by old Hollywood Goddess - Elizabeth Taylor or the Lucrezia Tiara both having vertical and clean lines mirrored in the gowns.

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TAYLOR DODD TIARA - Laura Gordon Photography
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LUCREZIA - Abby Jiu Photography


Long sleeves dresses are here to stay and the perfect match for a classic dress like this is the Della Tiara, below. The Della Tiara is a stunning crown that works beautifully with any type of gown, and long sleeves are no exception.

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DELLA TIARA - Laura Gordon Photography


For a backless dress, try sweeping your hair to the side with a headpiece or some hair clips so the drama and beauty of a backless gown is unobstructed yet still accented. The Elodie Headpiece below or the Margot Hairclips are both flexible headpieces that can be worn virtually anywhere in the hair so they are perfect pieces for a side swept hairstyle or updo.

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ELODIE - Laura Gordon Photography
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MARGOT HAIRCLIPS - Laura Gordon Photography


A ballgown or full skirt needs a statement headpiece to create balance. Some pieces that are perfectly paired with a full skirt of a gorgeous ball gown are the show-stopping Petite Persephone Tiara, the Taylor Simulated Diamond Statement Headpiece and the Grand Olivia Headpiece, all below.

Whether you are a bride going for an extravagant royal look - and as headpieces go, it doesn't get much more royal than adorning yourself with the Petite Persephone Tiara... or the Taylor Simulated Diamond Statement Headpiece or the Grand Olivia Headpiece for the bride wanting to create a luxuriously romantic look that oozes glam but leans more soft romance than royal.

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TAYLOR HEADPIECE - Laura Gordon Photography
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GRAND OLIVIA HEADPIECE - Laura Gordon Photography


The Ranier Tiara is a tiara that can beautifully complement virtually all gown styles owing to its classic styling and perfect "Goldilocks" height.

Another absolutely classic piece that is beautifully paired with a formal strapless gown and oozes royalty is the royally named Petite Queen Victoria Tiara. Strapless gowns are timeless, formal, glam, and utterly feminine - and goes with literally every type of headpiece imaginable. Here, it's less about the straps, sleeves or a dress being strapless, rather the overall design and style of the gown. It's the lace, embellishments (or lack thereof) on a dress that matters along with the feeling of the wedding when choosing a headpiece. Head to the EDEN LUXE Bridal website to view the many styles in stock and ready to ship worldwide!

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RANIER HEADPIECE - Amy Mulder Photography
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PETITE QUEEN VICTORIA TIARA - Laura Gordon Photography

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Photography: Laura Gordon, Amy Mulder and Abby Jiu | All bridal accessories: EDEN LUXE Bridal


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