Rime Arodaky Wedding Dresses - Spring/Summer 2015

Feb 09, 2015 | Bridal Style

We're continuing on our quest this Monday to provide as much wedding dress inspiration! From Anna Campbell gowns this morning to the brand new Spring Summer 2015 range of wedding dresses from French designer Rime Arodaky, we're in love with the long sleeves, the short hems and everything in between...

From Greg Finck Photography: "Rime Arodaky is one of the lead French bridal designer, with a showroom in Paris, and stores all over France, the UK, and Belgium. You can also find some of her gowns onlineRime Arodaky has gotten into the habit of shooting two campaigns per year. One in September for her main bridal collection, and the other one around Christmas to launch her spring/summer collection with exclusively short dresses.

This year, Rime had made a point of shooting that SS campaign on film only. It was a bold choice for a designer, as a fashion shoot is usually all about controlling the result in live on a computer, and shooting again and again until the right pose is achieved. But Rime made a point that she wanted all of her campaign shot in natural light, on film only. She wanted the film to enhance the texture of her dresses, the details of the lace, and the authenticity of the grain and models'  skin tones. We rent a studio bathed with natural light for the occasion, and all we got at the end of the day was around 50 rolls of film, without seeing any image except some polaroids. 

This was definitely a bold choice for a designer to make, but the result justifies the cost. This definitely bring a fresh touch to the bridal designer landscape, and Rime continues being a pioneer in the campaign she launches. This is Rime Arodaky's Spring/Summer 2015 new campaign."

Rime_Arodaky_Greg_Finck-018 Greg Finck Photography Rime_Arodaky_Greg_Finck-011 Greg Finck Photography Rime_Arodaky_Greg_Finck-021 Greg Finck Photography Rime_Arodaky_Greg_Finck-002 Greg Finck Photography Rime_Arodaky_Greg_Finck-024 Greg Finck Photography Rime_Arodaky_Greg_Finck-004 Greg Finck Photography Rime_Arodaky_Greg_Finck-012 Greg Finck Photography Rime_Arodaky_Greg_Finck-016 Greg Finck Photography Rime_Arodaky_Greg_Finck-013 Greg Finck Photography Rime_Arodaky_Greg_Finck-028 Greg Finck Photography

Greg Finck Photography is a Wedding Sparrow approved vendor and proudly part of the Fine Art Curation. You can see more of his beautiful work here.

Vendor details

Photography: Greg Finck Photography | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Dresses: Rime Arodaky | Flowers and accessories: Lily Griffiths | Hair and makeup: Diane Servant


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