Narrow Down Your Wedding Venue Choices

Apr 08, 2021 | Planning

When planning your wedding, finding your ultimate dream venue can de difficult with a few hurdles especially if you're looking for a destination wedding venue. When trying to narrow down your wedding venue, you'll need some pointers so you can figure out how to weed out the unsuitable choices, so we have the experts from Private Residence venue Villa Astor in Italy on hand today to tell us all about Choosing Your Wedding Venue...


Destination weddings tend to be smaller in numbers but you still need to determine the head count in conjunction with your budget, as the number of guests at a wedding has one of the largest impacts on costs. Additionally, knowing whether or not your guests will fit in a venue is imperative. On the flip side, you might not want a venue that’s too spacious for your guest count and thus feels empty and sparse.

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You need to set a budget before beginning your venue search so there is no wasted time looking at venues that are out of your reach. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a venue only to realize it’s either out of budget or takes up too much of your budget and you have very little leftover for other priorities. When deciding on your budget, do be mindful of a few possible logistical challenges:

  • What rentals are included with the venue? If it’s a “bare bones” venue, then you’ll need to make sure you have enough room left in your budget for all necessary rentals.
  • Does the venue provide catering and alcohol? If so, then you can merge your catering budget with your venue budget.
  • Does one of the venues require that guests be brought in on a shuttle because they don’t offer parking? If so, your transportation costs will increase.
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Now it's the fun part! There are a few ways that brides search for their ideal venues. 1: Hire a wedding planner that knows that area well. 2: Ask friends and family for their personal referrals. 3: Do your own online research via Google or recommended Vendor Guides like the Fine Art Curation.

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Email or call the venues that catch your eye. Don’t be afraid to let them know your true budget, as they will quickly let you know if they can work with it or not. Most reputable venues are not going to inflate their pricing if it happens to be lower than your budget. By letting them know your budget upfront, you’ll save yourself and them a lot of time.

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Schedule site visits with your favorite venues - preferably in the same season that your wedding would take place in, if possible. For example, seeing a winery in July might not give you an accurate look at what to expect for your January wedding. That way you’ll know better what the environment will look like with your venue. If that’s not possible, ask to see photos from the same month as your wedding so there are no environmental surprises!

During your visit, ask about rental, catering, power, and getting ready room options. You can never ask too many questions and I recommend writing them down ahead of time and taking notes throughout the visit.

Lastly, take your own photos of the venue spaces as you’re touring. Not all venues have wide environmental photos on their websites that give a clear look at each space (they totally should!), so it’s best to have your own that you can reflect on the spaces after leaving. This will greatly aid you in making your final decision, which should be based on budget, availability, how well the venue fits your vision, how much you can envision your wedding there, and ultimately how right it feels in your heart.

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Standing dramatically atop the 100-feet cliff of Sorrentine Peninsula, Villa Astor is a beautiful jewel in the picturesque setting of Amalfi Coast. As a historical landmark and a former private residence of the famous American diplomat, businessman and art collector, Lord Waldorf Astor, it has a grand architectural style in and out. Visit their website here.

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