Narnia inspired styled shoot ~ When He Found Her Photography

Jul 30, 2013 | Inspiration
Often we see themes in the wedding world where they are taken in the literal sense. I enjoy themed shoots and weddings most when an idea or source has inspired the event with an undertone of the theme. Take this Narnia inspired shoot from photographer Reid Lambshead of When He Found Her and stylist Laura Olsen. Laura says this shoot was a labour of love and we can see why. Hints to the theme include miniature Ice Queen crowns, lions and wardrobes being placed on top of the beautiful china, provided by Vintage China Hire. All complimented by the handmade cherry blossom tree for the centerpiece and surrounded by birdcages and candles. The light in this shoot is also so beautiful mixed with the masculine surroundings of the repurposed space. NarniaCreative_1305 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_023 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_014 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_009 Photography ~ When He Found Her NarniaCreative_0195 Photography ~ When He Found Her The florals have been beautifully staged by Botany Floral Studio. Arresting table settings featuring moss, eucalyptus and white roses in wood log vases, recreating a secret forest transported into the converted Berkeley Church and Field House. Confectionary and sweets are in abundance in rich colours and textures with figs, Turkish delight and hot chocolate by Sugarbelle Cakes. The bride in this shoot wears a gown from MRS. Bridal Boutique and has a real vintage inspired style to it. Mixed together with a Two Birds Bridesmaid dress for the bridesmaid and you've got a positively eclectic mix of elegant wedding inspiration. Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_018 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_007 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_012 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_008 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_017 Photography ~ When He Found Her NarniaCreative_1032 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_022 Photography ~ When He Found Her From Reid ~ "Our memories from childhood are funny things. A movie or story, so important in childhood, can at once be forgotten as an adult and yet somehow, still inspire. The influence can be direct, from images and others ideas or arouse a reinterpretation of old memories. The Chronicles of Narnia, a series of books by C.S. Lewis, seems like a strange place to begin a themed shoot for a wedding. But for each of us, Narnia was the perfect starting off point to embrace the mystery and wonder the Pevensie family found and create something ethereal and decadent." Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_021 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_020 Photography ~ When He Found Her Narnia_12 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_013 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_004 Photography ~ When He Found Her Narnia_16 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_015 Photography ~ When He Found Her Berkley-Church-Luxury-Wedding-Photography-When-he-found-her-botany-florals-laura-olsen-events-sugarbelle-cakes-ashley-readings-barrys-jewellers-mrs-bridal_019 Photography ~ When He Found Her NarniaCreative_0272 Photography ~ When He Found Her A huge thanks to Reid and the talented team that worked on this shoot for featuring today! Such an inspiration.... Vendor details: Photographer: When He Found Her // Planning and Styling: Laura Olsen Events // Venue: Berkeley Church Field House // Cakes and sweets: Sugarbelle Cakes // Florals: Botany Floral Studio // China Rentals: Vintage China Hire // Invitations: Have and Hold Design // Hair and Makeup: Ashley Readings Hair and Makeup // Bride’s Dress: MRS. Bridal Boutique // Bride’s Headwear: Headmistress // Bride’s Ring: Barry’s Jewellers // Groom’s Attire: GotStyle Menswear // Jr. Bridesmaid Dress: Two Birds Bridesmaid


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