Lover of the Sea (Part II of III) - Nature Inspired Wedding Ideas

Aug 19, 2015 | Inspiration
Here this lovely bride embodies the Irish sea: natural, inviting, refreshing and mysterious. In Part II of the 'Elements' inspired shoot by film photographer Capyture and stylist La mariée aux pieds nus, not only are we loving the scenic views of the coast, but we love the daring deep blue gown that seems so fitting: almost like a sea goddess. For part I of the elements series, visit  ‘Lover of the Wind’ and soon to come will be part III 'Lover of the Earth'... From Part I: Words by stylist La mariée aux pieds nus"Robby of Capyture, the photographer, is in love with Ireland and he really wanted to share his passion for this beautiful country with us. The way we picture its amazing wild and windy landscape, the light, the nature, the hills and the sea... Our bride embodied the country, and the different elements that were for us representative of this particular atmosphere, the earth, the wind and the sea. I tried to incorporate all of the details, some traditional irish customs, like the ribbons tied in her hair as a reminiscence of the knot ceremony moment that symbolises the bond of marriage, the bell and its sound that is supposed to ward of malicious spirits, or the blue dress which bring good luck to the bride on her wedding day. It was such a great moment for us to share this beautiful adventure. We really enjoyed discovering Ireland, and I can't wait to go there again." capyture-bridal-portrait-wicklow-mountains-ireland-part-three-8 Capyture capyture-bridal-portrait-wicklow-mountains-ireland-part-three-27 Capyture capyture-bridal-portrait-wicklow-mountains-ireland-part-three-19 Capyture capyture-bridal-portrait-wicklow-mountains-ireland-part-three-10 Capyture capyture-bridal-portrait-wicklow-mountains-ireland-part-three-9 Capyture capyture-bridal-portrait-wicklow-mountains-ireland-part-three-7 Capyture capyture-bridal-portrait-wicklow-mountains-ireland-part-three-17 copie Capyture
Vendor Details
Photography: Capyture | Film Lab: Carmencita Film Lab | Styling, Props, & Ribbons: La mariée aux pieds nus | Dresses: La Belle Bobine | Flowers: Les Fleurs | Calligraphy: Fanny Calligraphy | Custom Foliage Belt : Orchidée de Soie


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