How To Plan The Best Micro Wedding

Jul 07, 2020 | Planning

There is no secret that micro weddings and elopements have become a very popular and necessary method for couples to get married in 2020 and 2021 thanks to COVID-19. Through the current Pandemic, couples have chosen to pursue their own versions of what it looks like to begin the next chapter of life together and we have Fine Art Curation member Mon Soleil Photography on hand to advise us on how to truly make the best of this situation. The focus has overwhelmingly turned inward to the deeper meaning at hand. Weddings are a declaration to the world that you’re committed to sharing life with one another. Micro weddings and elopements offer the chance to simplify the celebration by providing a more intimate environment.

"I also chose to have a micro wedding with 22 of our closest family and friends on the coast in California. It was magical! I discovered that having a smaller wedding doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the design. I found that having a smaller guest list meant that I could splurge on the many elements of our wedding, and we had more control in creating an experience on our terms. Our wedding day was everything we had dreamed of and more!

After documenting weddings for the past 11 years, I have a great appreciation and understanding of these smaller gatherings, and I’m thrilled to share my top 5 recommendations for micro weddings and elopements:


Although your wedding will include a very limited number of guests, this day remains one of the momentous days of your life. You deserve peace of mind and the expertise planners provide. This person will be your right hand, your guide, and a major time saver.

The task of vetting your vendors is an assignment that requires a lot of time and effort. Your planner will guide you to vendors that are the perfect fit for your vision. They will also manage costs and payments, handle communication with vendors, aid in the design and setup, and they will ensure a smooth wedding day!

Without a planner, you will be left to do everything on your own. Oftentimes friends and family are left to manage your affairs on the wedding day. When it comes to experiencing the best day of your life, a planner is an absolute must!

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How To Plan The Best Micro Wedding Pin it
How To Plan The Best Micro Wedding Pin it
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Although you are selecting to have an intimate wedding day, it is vital that the people that matter most are present. This may be your parents, siblings, or children. Regardless, the people you select must be intentional. Always keep in mind how you will remember your wedding day for years to come.

By inviting those you hold dear, you are enriching the shared memories as well as limiting the opportunity for regret.

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Your wedding may be small, but your story is certainly grand. By keeping the day simple, you have the opportunity to be more creative and collaborative with the way your story unfolds. You can break the rules and pursue a day as unique as your love.

Your planner will be certain to share recommendations that have experience with smaller weddings, and I encourage you to seek out portfolios that represent your ideal aesthetic. At the end of the day, you must connect with the work! If not, how can you expect the photographer to accurately capture the most magnificent day of your life in a way that reflects you? Be intentional about your decision.

Many photographers and cinematographers are highly inspired by micro weddings and elopements. When you select the right vendors, they will go above and beyond to make your wedding day an incredible win for you and for their creative fulfillment. When your photographer and cinematographer are documenting from a place of deep passion and inspiration, they will create their absolute best work possible, and I believe every couple deserves this level of art to cherish life’s greatest memories!

So be sure to share your ideas openly with your photographer and cinematographer. Together, they will help you expand your vision and guide you to the best possible outcome. You may want to consider discussing what drew you to their work and the feeling you hope to have in the photos and the film, and what elements are most important to you. From there, trust! I can’t stress this enough. If you do not trust, and if you place control on the day of your wedding, you will also limit the exact creativity that you hired your photographer and cinematographer to bring forth at your wedding day!

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This is the story you’ll share with your children, grandchildren, and even strangers for the rest of your life. Most importantly, this will be a sacred memory you’ll hold dear. Just like any great story, the setting is of the utmost importance! So take time to consider the feeling and meaning behind the location you chose for your celebration.

You will want to consider how the location will make you feel - this one detail will play a very big role in your experience and in the way you remember the day. Perhaps you feel the most alive on the coast of Carmel just like I do! Or, maybe for you, it’s the mountains that make your heartbeat a little faster. It may even be the old church your parent’s got married in 40 years ago that would hold the deepest meaning. Whatever it is for you, be honest with yourself, and choose something special!

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By now, I’m sure you’ve gathered one theme echoed throughout this article. Your experience is everything! I’ve watched couples plan the most breathtaking weddings, but they forget about their experience. It breaks my heart. Don’t let this be you!

There are many ways to ensure that you plan for the experience of a lifetime! I recommend that you and your fiance begin with journaling. Write (if you’re like me, you may want to type) everything down - let your thoughts flow. Over the timeframe of a week or so, new ideas will continue to come to mind, and you’ll continue to add new ideas to your document. After you two journal separately, come together and share. This will be an endearing memory for you both.

Once you’ve developed clarity, share these notions with your planner. This is where your genuine thoughts are met with invaluable expertise, and that my friend is priceless. They will provide guidance and reveal new ideas that you may have not thought of before. It’s a wonderful partnership that will guarantee the ultimate experience!

Continue this open communication with family members and friends. But, always go back to your original point of view. Be true to who you are as a couple, and honor your vision above all else!

Following these five recommendations is sure to be the beginning of the most outstanding micro wedding or elopement. I’m certain that you deserve the best, and before I leave you, I’d like to propose one of the most important elements of your wedding - your consciousness! Take a deep breath, let go of all expectations, and live in the moment. Once the day arrives, your main focus must be placed on your soon to be husband or wife. After all, you two are the purpose behind it all.

A HUGE thanks to Marissa from Mon Soleil Photography on giving us clear guidance on how to actually achieve a stylish micro wedding during 2020 and 2021! You can see more from Mon Soleil Photography right here...


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