How to Plan a Tuscany Wedding from the USA

Jan 28, 2021 | Planning

Dreaming of a destination wedding but have no idea where to start? Well if you're thinking of Tuscany for an Italian getaway for your close friends and family, we have Fine Art Curation experts Tuscan Wedding Events on the blog today FULL of perfect planning advice for any bride thinking of getting married in Tuscany....

"Anyone who dreams to travel to Italy from the USA to get married, knows how much help they could get from hiring a wedding planner. As exciting as it can be, planning a wedding in a foreign country where you don’t have connections and where you don’t know the language, can be very challenging and time consuming.

You may find yourself overwhelmed by too many options and unsure of where to begin, and a trusted adviser can make the planning process much less stressful.
What a good planner can basically do for you is answering all of your questions, knowing what works and what doesn’t, having strong connections with an established network of vendors, and save you a lot of time and definitely some money. For those reasons alone, there is no doubt that you need a professional wedding planner."

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Finding one that’s reputable, is easier nowadays than it was years ago, with the all the social media referencing, the blogs and the personal websites. Even better, if you can use someone you know, or were referred to, by a friend.

Instagram has recently become a great showcase for wedding planners; you can get an immediate perception of how they work, how popular they are and if there is a proven track record. Blogs also enhance the planner’s reputation by the fact that they appreciate and share their work, be it a real wedding or an editorial.

The web is full information on destination weddings and even if it might seem easy to handle it without any help, having someone on site, with the right connections and who knows the ins and outs about the destination you chose, is essential. This is especially true now that trip to Italy to see the venues and meet with the vendors has become almost impossible, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

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Once you got in contact with a planner, some of the most important questions you should ask her are: how familiar she is with the area or location you chose; what her fees include and what’s her working method. From the start, you should share your vision of the wedding and make clear what your expectations are. Having an open line of communication is also crucial, in order to understand what is feasible and what is not throughout the process.

Frankness is important when it comes to budget as well. A good planner will make clear from the beginning whether your budget matches with your expectations.
If Instagram, Pinterest and all the blogs can be precious tools to draw inspiration from, they can also be misleading and bring you to think that you can have something, whereas it is actually completely out of your budget.

Empathy is the key to your relationship with the planner and you should feel it from the very first approach. That’s why calls or video calls are so important: to create a connection and see if you can get along. We know from our experience, that chatting with our potential clients is something unavoidable and an opportunity for them to ask specific questions and learn more about our experience.

How to Plan a Tuscany Wedding from the USA Pin it
How to Plan a Tuscany Wedding from the USA Pin it
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The research of a wedding planner should start at least one year and a half before the date of the event, and it should be the first thing on your to-do list. Researching a venue as a first step, is something that many people do, but most of the times they realize that’s too hard dealing with that by themselves.

The best thing to do, is to go for a wedding planner first and let her take care of everything from the get-go; she will have insights that are not available to you by simply searching online.
Today, more than ever you need to be made aware of the newest policies of each vendor, in case of cancellation or postponement and of the new rules that regulate the execution of an event.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our work and the politics that vendors have been following for years, and we have what it takes to guide you through a more complicated organizational process.

Our recommendation is to always rely on professionals, even if this has a cost. They will do everything is in their power to be available to you during one year or more and this is something valuable, something that will make the planning of your destination wedding, a memorable experience."

How to Plan a Tuscany Wedding from the USA Pin it

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