How to Choose a Wedding Band to Match Your Wedding Style

Mar 14, 2019 | Planning

How do you picture your wedding entertainment? Is it something you’ve even given much thought to? Do you see a scenario where the music is just background noise, or are you wanting something memorable? Do you expect a one-size-fits-all approach, or a performance tailored to your needs?

We've joined up with experts Earcandy today to check out ALL the different styles of wedding band you could have on your big day.


Live wedding bands are two-a-penny, but the difference between the offerings can be gargantuan. There is very little transparency and it can often feel like taking pot-luck. That’s part of the reason why we originally launched Earcandy: to try to bring some clarity to a cloudy market. The other reason is simply that we really love music, and want to share that love with other people – at times that matter.

Think of a company that specialises in live music. It only deals with a small number of artists, the emphasis being on quality over quantity. And yet still a diverse range of styles is available. Each act is hand-picked. Many artists have worked with internationally famous names – Jools Holland, Stevie Wonder, Elton John. Each act is formed not just to play music, but to perform. And every artist performs because that’s what they love to do. Think of all that, and you’re probably thinking of Earcandy!

We are a small business. Not quite family-run, but that’s how it feels to most of us. And during the course of the last eight years, we’ve invested our time and energy into creating a business that we are proud to put our names to. Our acts deliver what you want from them. Never anything less. Tailoring playlists, performing when and how you want, and always delivering their best, every time.

We now work with 11 groups of consummate professionals, catering for almost every musical taste, from Motown, soul and swing jazz to rock, pop and a DJ-sax duo, for those who want something just a little bit different. Each of them is an exemplar of the Earcandy benchmark of quality. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t let them perform under our name. Especially not at weddings. And while we do, of course, take bookings for other kinds of events, weddings remain our absolute favourites. Because at weddings, more than anywhere else, our musicians are making memories.

Motown Gold

Oozing energy, charisma and soul, Motown Gold deliver a set that will fill any dancefloor. You don’t need to be an aficionado to love their playlist. With tracks from Aretha Franklin, The Jackson Five, Diana Ross and The Blues Brothers, we guarantee that you’ll know far more than you think. They’re available as just a frontline too.

Indie Heads

Think ‘90s. Think noughties. Think high energy. Think bounce. The Indie Heads deliver the perfect blend of Britpop, Indie and Rock. Where they get their energy from nobody knows, but they will make your wedding reception feel like an unforgettable gig.

Soul Fresh Frontline

If you’re looking for live music, but lack the venue space for a full band, or need to keep the volume down, then our incredible soul duo could be the answer. Performing to backing tracks recorded by our professional musicians, you’ll barely notice that the band are missing! And if space isn’t at a premium, then you can invite the musicians along too.

King of the Swingers

Whether you’re working to a vintage theme, or simply love the sound of swing, these guys will transport you back to the 1930s and 40s, where cool came with the click of the fingers. We defy anyone not to tap their toes while King of the Swingers are on stage.

The Somebodys

The Somebodys are our crowd-pleasers. If you have no set preference of style or era, but want a playlist that will appeal to everyone, this is the band for you. Their setlist covers everything from the ‘50s to the ‘90s, and they do it all with style.

Black & Gold

Loud, proud and ferociously talented, Black & Gold take to the stage with thundering female hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s. If your guests don’t start singing along, there’s probably something wrong with them!

Silent Disco

If you’re struggling to find a venue that has space for performers, or you’re in an area where noise restrictions are in place, a silent disco can be hugely atmospheric… without making a sound, or taking up any more room than that needed for Grandad’s dance moves.

String Quartet

There is something truly wonderful about the sound of a string quartet. Combining classical and contemporary music, our amazing musicians bring talent, sophistication and style to their performances, as well as their instruments.


For those with more of a traditional bent, you won’t find better than the Earcandy Harpist. Delivering a performance that can silence a room, there is no sound more atmospheric.


There is a warmth and intimacy that comes with an acoustic performance that you’ll struggle to replicate elsewhere. Our acoustic duo will perform your first dance, without drowning out every opportunity for conversation.


Finally, for the dancers, there’s the Earcandy DJ. With more than 6,000 tunes at his fingertips, our DJ can create a playlist just for you. And if you’re looking for something really special, you can check out our DJ and Sax combo. Sax-ifaction guaranteed!

As entertainment companies go, Earcandy is very much on the small side. But that’s our strength. It allows us to offer a personal service. The full team is briefed for every booking taken, and if there’s something that we can do to make your day extra special for you, then the chances are that we’ll do it. We love music. We love weddings. Most of all, we love making memories. We’d especially love to help you make yours.



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