Summer engagement session ~ Polly Alexandre

Sep 13, 2013 | Engagements
There's only one thing I love more than film photography and that's UK film photography! Polly Alexandre is one talented lady who is London and Ibiza based (the lucky lady!) and an expert at shooting film. The UK film photography scene is growing and we love it. This engagement session from Polly shows us exactly why film works everywhere as long as you have a couple in love... From Polly: "It was shot a month ago in London in the height of the glorious summer sunshine in Regents Park. I met Katy when she was bridesmaid at James's sister's wedding last year. Katy and James had been dating for a while, but little did she know that an engagement was imminent. As soon as they got engaged, in fact even before they had a venue, I got an email to check my availability. An events planner by profession, Katy is super organised and knows what she wants. And when she met James at the university they were both studying at, she knew he was the man for her. Such conviction had Katy, that she set about engineering opportunities for them to meet and spend time together. Volunteering to become secretary of the cricket club? Check. Taking up a new sport she had no previous interest in? Check. Her persistence and focus paid off and Katy and James have been a couple ever since uni and are a wonderful balance together, and a couple who share the sweetest connection. Katy is one of the most delightfully emotional clients I have had the pleasure to work with (there were tears of emotion within the first 2 minutes of our shoot!), and their wedding day next month is going to be so filled with joy, laughter and tears, lots of tears. I can't wait!" Katy & James PWS-024 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre PADuo1 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre Katy & James PWS-046 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre Katy & James PWS-086 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre PADuo3 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre Katy & James PWS-052 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre Katy & James PWS-112 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre PADuo2 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre Katy & James PWS-113 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre Katy & James PWS-079 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre PADuo4 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre Katy & James PWS-032 Photography ~ Polly Alexandre A huge thanks to Polly for submitting this engagement and good luck to Katy and James! It just goes to show how good Polly is when the same family re-hire the same photographer... Have a great weekend everyone! Vendor details: Photography: Polly Alexandre


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