Elegant Organic Southern Bridal Inspiration

Nov 20, 2014 | Inspiration

We just love Southern Charm. From the hospitality (you guys look after us so well!) to the stunning venues draped in Spanish Moss, we love it all! We're so thrilled to bring to you a delicate and almost hauntingly beautiful styled wedding today from film photographer Stacy Bauer Photography, Pastel Make up and Hair and Cote Designs. Bathed in light, it's easy to see why so many lucky brides choose to get married here...

From Stacy: "In awe of the charm of South Carolina ruins, myself and Karin of Cote Designs wanted to create a shoot that was inspired by the organic beauty and enchantment of autumn. The location we used was the ruins of The Chapel of Ease in the low country of South Carolina. The location itself was a masterpiece - constructed entirely of oyster shell walls, I couldn't help but imagine the weddings that took place there before it became the ruins it is today. The photographs tell a story of the warmth and brilliance of a Southern evening, with moss dancing in the breeze and light catching in the veil."

Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-18 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-49 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-35 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-68 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-97 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-130 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-185 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-187 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-170 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-111 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-91 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-90 Stacy Bauer Photography Stacy_Bauer_fine_art_wedding_photography_film_South_Carolina_Maryland_photo-1 Stacy Bauer Photography

Vendor details

Photographer: Stacy Bauer PhotographyFilm Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Styling and Floral Design: Cote Designs | Hair and Make up: Pastel Make up and Hair | Calligraphy: Paige Tanenbaum | Stationery: Dodeline Designs | Gown: Pronovias from Gown Boutique of Charleston


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