DIY Twisted Low Pony Wedding Hair Tutorial

Mar 30, 2015 | Inspiration

Good quality DIY tutorials are the perfect way to attempt your own bridal hair or make up if you're not sure about hiring a professional. Be warned though, you must practice, practice and practice again if you're going to attempt it for your big day. If you're too scared to attempt it for the wedding day itself, what about your bridal shower, engagement party or your bachelorette? Rustic White Photography and hair and make up artist Claudia Mejerle have created the perfect organic looking half up half down 'do' for fine art brides and it's so simple we even think we could try this at home!

Step one

This hairstyle looks best and stays in place well when the hair has some texture. So if you have some natural wave or curl, don’t fight it! If you have straight hair, wrap different sized sections of hair around 1 ¼” curling iron to get some movement through the hair. The waves don’t have to be perfect.

Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White001 Rustic White Photography

Step two

Next, work some surf spray and through the hair, root to tip. Spray dry shampoo over the hair to give it even more texture and grip to make pinning the hair easier and help the waves to stay full. 

Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White002 Rustic White Photography Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White003 Rustic White Photography

Step three

Take a section of hair from the left side of the head, starting above the ear, and then twist it back toward the center of the head. Secure the twisted section with a couple of bobby pins.

Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White004 Rustic White Photography

Step four

Repeat Step three on the right side. Make sure this section of hair meets the first, left section of hair you pinned back in the center of the head.

Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White005 Rustic White Photography

Step five

Alternate repeating Steps three and four until all hair is pinned back, working down toward the base of the head.

Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White006 Rustic White Photography Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White007 Rustic White Photography

Step six

You can stop at this point and leave the style a bit looser, or move on to the next step to finish the style to be more of a ponytail. 

Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White008 Rustic White Photography

Step seven

Take a small section of hair from underneath and wrap it around the hair that is left down. Depending on the length of you hair, you can wrap the small section around a couple of times. Then pin it underneath so you can hide the end of the wrapped section as well as the bobby pin used to do so. 

Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White010 Rustic White Photography

Step eight

You can rough up the pony with you fingers to give the hair a fuller, more “lived in” feel. A little more surf spray and a dusting of soft hold hairspray is a great way to finish this style.

Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White011 Rustic White Photography

Voila! The most perfect wedding hairstyle for your big day. Here's a few more shots of this stunning bridal look in action thanks to Claudia Mejerle...

Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White081 Rustic White Photography BleekerbySarahSeven_RusticWhite087 Rustic White Photography Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White086 Rustic White Photography Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White079 Rustic White Photography Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White047 Rustic White Photography Bleeker by Sarah Seven_Rustic White043 Rustic White Photography

Vendor details

Photography: Rustic White Photography | Film Lab: The Find Lab | Hair & Makeup: Claudia Mejerle | Model: Christina of Ursula Wiedmann Models | Venue: Amy Osaba Events | Gown: Sarah Seven (Bleeker gown) via The Sentimentalist | Florals: Meredith Mejerle of Amy Osaba Events | Invitation Suite: Jenn Gitzen


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