Bohemian wedding ideas

Dec 12, 2014 | Inspiration

The smell of redwood giants.

The banquet for the shadows.

Horse and I, we're dancers in the dark...

Warmphoto caught soft light of autumn and endless light of souls of bride and groom and captured them all using her heart and film-camera. This rhapsodic bohemian styled session is full of wonderful Autumn/Winter tones, florals and foods so it's perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to run away to the nearest woodland to say their vows...

From Warmphoto: "We faced double magic: not only a beautiful couple of Daria and Stanislav but also a couple of gorgeous horses Mirage and Africa! These four got lost into the dreams and woods for a while to spend breathtaking moments of love, tenderness and freedom.. Autumn forest got its own very special spirit that inspired us for using bold colors, wooden and fur textures mixed with wool and knitting. Flower Girl chose warm palette based on brown, beige, gold, yellow, burgundy and rust - all beautiful shades of the season. Autumn nature itself was the main decoration for the event. And we covered the carpet of fallen leaves with.. real vintage carpet! Our team is in love with our couple and with boho-style. So designer Victoria Spirina created special necklace made of seashells, corals and wood. And Ivcakes add some tasty moments with its "wooden" brown cake. Elen White recommends to use soft cosy look for autumn forest wedding: "make messy waves, choose dark brown for mystic look. Put on a dress with long sleeves and some fur-it's not only warm and soft, it makes you look like a forest fairy, like the most magical woman for your man. The only man with whom you are going to create a new chapter of a life-time fairy-tale .. "

warmphoto_boho-8 Warmphoto warmphoto_boho-54 Warmphoto warmphoto_boho-83 Warmphoto warmphoto_boho-113 Warmphoto warmphoto_boho-61 Warmphoto warmphoto_boho-57 Warmphoto warmphoto_boho-33 Warmphoto warmphoto_boho-17 Warmphoto warmphoto_boho-100 Warmphoto warmphoto_boho-91 Warmphoto warmphoto_boho-59 Warmphoto

Vendor details

Photography: Warmphoto | Film Lab: Lighthouse Film Lab | Design and styling: Warmphoto | Make up and Hair: Elen White | Styling: Elen White | Decor: Flower Girl | Cake: Ivcakes | Accessories: Victoria Spirina


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