Jeanne D’Arc wedding inspiration

Aug 26, 2014 | Inspiration

We're so excited to feature one of our all time favourite wedding inspiration shoots from the ledgendary D'Arcy Benincosa and Pearl & Godiva. Overflowing with soft grey tulle from Maria Luisa Rabell, ivory and green florals from Hanako and stunning hand crafted calligraphy from Kathryn Murray, you can easily see why this is some beautiful inspiration from a talented team...

In you the rivers sing and my soul flees in them

as you desire, and you send it where you will

aim my road on your bow of hope

and in frenzy I will free my flock of arrows’ Pablo Neruda

From D'Arcy Benincosa: "When we first sketched the shoot’s inspirational material into existence, from fragments of history and a silhouette of a magnificent, awe inspiring and astounding powerful girl. I can’t help to think that we were heavily inspired by Jeanne D’Arc with her powerful visions, four centuries later still a legendary figure. This what became of our vision – A renaissance of a divine inspiring beauty in the embodiment of a woman standing with interwoven arms – in her acquired sancity. Her style and soul was an antidote, it lifted, it inspired, it educated – she opened her heart to the lights of heaven. Her pilgrimage was her exquisite purity, and her clothing made from humble and raw materials, layers of slub muslin, with layers of tulle, nourished by the softest lace, dignified by jewels that surrounded her unpretentious soul. We wanted to tell you of blossoming and buds."

JeanneFilmHR-8 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-3 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-12 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-2 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-86 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-4 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-21 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-19 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-22 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-30 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-32 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-23 D'Arcy Benincosa

"The honest simplicity of these ruins are redolent of prayer and clairvoyant intensity, she a poetic serenity – as she perches in amongst the ruins. If she leaves in her place remains another kind of beauty.

An old manuscript we found detailing the life of Jeanne D’Arc was a real treasure of a find and gave us a clear insight into an astounding courageous woman. Beauty is essential to her well being, and a fundamental component of our life. Our focus in this shoot was to create a quietly, confident beauty. We live in a world of opposites pulling at us at all times, but we wanted to show that beauty alone has no opposites. I don’t think one can tire of beauty, there truly can never be enough of it. There is nothing capricious about this girl and we love this shoot for the sensual quality and the emotions it elicits.

It is enough to breathe the perfection of our being and stand in awe before the miracle of life. To marvel at it, is simply enough."

JeanneFilmHR-29 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-10 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-90 D'Arcy Benincosa Vintage hair piece D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-44 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-97 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-51 D'Arcy Benincosa Wax seal calligraphy wedding stationery D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-78 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-75 D'Arcy Benincosa Romantic gold and grey wedding ideas D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-88 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-93 D'Arcy Benincosa JeanneFilmHR-79 D'Arcy Benincosa

Vendor details

Photography: D'Arcy Benincosa | Production, Creative Direction & Styling: Pearl & Godiva | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab | Calligraphy: Kathryn Murray | Bespoke Headpieces: Opal & Owl  | Floristry: Hanako | Irish Castle: Killenure Castle | Jewellery: Delphi Antiques | MUA & Hair Styling: Vintage Rouge |  The Cake: The Cake Stand | The Gown: Maria Luisa Rabell 


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