7 of Our Favorite Small Reception Table Designs

Nov 26, 2020 | Planning

If there is anything that 2020 has shown us, it's that we've realised what the true meaning of wedding celebrations are and smaller gatherings with those we love the most are not only becoming more the 'norm', but also an appreciation for the experience. So, if you're struggling to think of a design for your smaller reception table, we have 7 of our favorite tablescapes below to show how truly beautiful an intimate reception can be. And to tell us all about these details, is our Fine Art Curation member Kate from Lost Coast Photography who photographed everything you see below...

"When I think of small tablescapes, words like intimate, heartfelt and details come to mind. It’s more than just a place to sit and eat after the ceremony, it’s where your closest family and friends gather together and share heartfelt conversations over an impeccably planned meal. It’s where your story as a newlywed couple can start to unfold as you relax and all five senses are at play. The lush florals, the candlelight, sparkling crystal, and the texture of the linens … all these beautiful details are like food for your eyes, and the laughter, tears and clinking of glasses will become some of your most treasured memories."

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I think you can really blow it out and have the gathering of your dreams! The smaller the space, the more longevity your budget will have. Instead of trying to spread your florals across an entire room filled with standard round tables, you can focus all the attention on one intimate seating arrangement and really showcase who you are as a couple. You can add even the smallest of details like hand painted macaroons at each place setting or personalized hand calligraphed place settings.

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7 of Our Favorite Small Reception Table Designs Pin it
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I love when couples use details specific to the location of their wedding. For example, using local greenery and herbs sprinkled throughout the table, or a variety of local breads and cheeses right at your fingertips for a relaxed and inviting approach.

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Another tip is finding a small intimate space in even a large venue or outdoor surrounding. This is such a great way to still incorporate the places you love. Use a lovely side porch at a large chateau, your favorite spot overlooking the ocean, a lush backyard, or an intimate indoor setting … think outside the box when choosing where to place your table.

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A fun little fact … you don’t have to have a table at all! Nothing says “gathering” more, than your closest loved ones sprawled out together sharing the most delectable charcuterie on a sunny afternoon. It’s all about life’s simple pleasures and choosing those beautiful little details that bring you happiness.

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