5 top tips to choose a great wedding band

Jan 19, 2023 | Planning

There are many magical moments that make a wedding memorable and one of the best has to be everyone up on the dance floor, letting loose to awesome music late into the night. Choosing a great wedding band is key to making this happen, but what if you and your partner have different tastes in music and can't agree on a band? Well we're here to help. Charlotte Robertson from entertainment experts and Fine Art Curation members, Entertainment Nation, shares some top tips to choose a wedding band to bring the house down.

1. Make a list of your top three music genres

Compromise is key when it comes to choosing a band you both love, so start by narrowing down music genres to your top three favourites. Hopefully one genre will appear on both of your lists and you can begin searching for bands in that category. At music booking sites like Entertainment Nation you can search through top-quality pop and rock bands, acoustic folk bands, soul and Motown bands, indie and Britpop bands and many more, so there’s loads to choose from. On top of that you might like to consider a DJ, saxophonist, or a combination of both DJ and live musician.

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Band: Skyknights
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Image: Liz Andolina

2. Keep an open mind

When you envisage all of your favourite people getting down on the dance floor, what music is playing? It might be certain songs with a feel-good party atmosphere that come to mind, more than a particular music genre. So keep in mind that professional bands often have wide-ranging repertoires that cover genres outside of their typical style, so it's worth browsing through their repertoire to find one that plays a great selection of songs that will draw everyone to the dance floor.

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Band: Ultraglow
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Band: Aura

3. Step outside your comfort zone

A touch of the unexpected makes a wedding super fun and memorable, and music is a great way to add an element of surprise. Why not consider a mariachi band or a great tribute act? They're sure to make everyone smile. If you fancy something more classic, how about a jazz band? They're a popular choice due to their ability to turn well-known songs from a variety of different genres into something unique and exciting, while injecting a splash of class to your celebration.

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Image: Lounge Fotografia
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Band: Real Love

4. Consider your guests

Yes it's your day, but it's important to consider your guests and choose a band with mass appeal. Ultimately you want everyone to have a wonderful time at your wedding so think about what will get your friends and family up dancing. Look back on previous weddings you've attended and what kind of music has gone down well.

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Band: The Wildermen
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Band: The Hot Ticket

5. What about a DJ?

A wedding band is by no means essential so if you can't decide, why not go for a DJ instead? You can ask them to play whatever songs you like and a good DJ will be happy to incorporate your song requests into a great playlist that suits your style and taste. DJs will also be familiar with the crowd-pleasers that keep everyone dancing late into the night. If you'd like to add an element of surprise, consider hiring a live musician to play alongside a DJ to dazzle your guests and really get the party started.

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Band: The White Shirts
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Band: Wildcard


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