5 Steps to a Better Engagement Ring Selfie

Feb 14, 2019 | Engagements

You've got the perfect ring, so get ready to show it off... If you just got engaged, CONGRATS! Chances are you'll be sharing the great news through an Instagram engagement #ringselfie. Even if you're not into mirror selfies, the ring selfie is something sacred. Get the photo just right by following a few simple rules of thumb—er, ring finger - with our sponsor MiaDonna....

MiaDonna is the global leader for eco-friendly, lab-grown diamond engagement rings and fine bridal jewelry, crafted in the U.S.A using precious recycled metals. As a foundation first company, MiaDonna believe in transparency and they take pride in being an advocate for changing the landscape when it comes to diamond mining communities, global societies, and the earth.


It's all about the natural light so if you're not outside, set up your shot near a window for some daylight. If you take an iPhone photo in a dimly lit room, you're pretty much guaranteed a blurry photo. And just say no to harsh indoor lighting. Trust us–you want natural sunlight. Whether you're inside or out, watch out for tricky shadows.

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Experiment with the angle of your ring so you capture the your ring's best side. Love the unique setting? Take a photo on an angle to highlight it. Can't get over the shape of your stone? Try an overhead shot (but remember, skip the flash).

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Remember clean and timeless is key. Now isn't the time to experiment with the latest nail art if you want to look back at this shot with fond memories. If your fiancé caught you with a surprise proposal and you're due for a manicure, but just can't wait to snap a photo, put on a little lotion and get creative with your pose. Hold hands with your fiancé, frame your nails out of the shot or do a fist pump pose at the camera—why not?

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Unleash your inner photo stylist. Find an Instagram-worthy skyline, latte or patterned pillow to serve as the backdrop of your ring selfie.

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5. POST!

If ever there were a time to be sentimental, it's now. Write the caption about marrying your best friend, get creative with the emojis and tag the location of your proposal to share on social media. If your ring is conflict-free and ethical like MiaDonna's, shout about it! (Don't forget to tag @weddingsparrow and hashtag #WSringselfie too.)

With every product purchased from MiaDonna, they will use profits to help fund their partner charity, The Greener Diamond, to create projects and initiatives which help free children from a lifetime of diamond mining and poverty in places like Liberia and Sierra Leone. They also plant a tree through One Tree Planted with every order placed to help offset GHG emissions created during shipping and order fulfillment. Their passion is helping couples and individuals find the perfect conflict-free ring or accessory to make them feel beautiful and confident. They love to share their values of sustainability and the importance of ethical jewelry that people around the world can support with them.

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From Miadonna: "Our favorite part of a wedding day has to be exchanging vows and wedding bands. There is nothing more beautiful and emotional than showing how much you'll care and endlessly support your partner in life. When we are able to help customers create these timeless memories and have a tangible ring to remember that day, we just can't help but want to share the love even more!"


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