5 Reasons Why an Engagement Session is a Must-Have

Oct 27, 2020 | Engagements

Your engagement session needn't be another stress in your planning process towards your wedding. In fact, it should be quite the opposite! You can use your engagement session to shred the nerves and get the excitement level up! We're so happy to have Fine Art Curation member David Abel on the blog today parting with his expertise surrounding his engagement sessions!

Most of our couples opt to do an engagement session, and I have to say it is one of my favorite things to shoot. It basically is like a double date—we just bring our cameras along, too. Not only do we get to see who you are and how you two interact with each other, but you get to see how we work and learn some things along the way. By the end we are always laughing, having fun, and we walk away from the experience with some beautiful images of the two of you. Below are a few reasons that I feel engagement sessions are a must-have and should absolutely be done with the photographer you’ve chosen for your wedding.

5 Reasons Why an Engagement Session is a Must-Have Pin it
5 Reasons to have an Engagement Session Pin it

1. We discover how to best photograph you

Getting you in front of the camera is by far the most ideal way to figure out how to best work with you. We get to find the best angles to photograph you, and find out if you are more light-hearted, more romantic, or more stoic. We see if you need very little or a lot of direction, and afterwards we find out what types of photos you liked best from the session. These are all very important pieces of information that helps your photographer when it comes to photographing you two on your wedding day; and discovering these details at the engagement session is much better than discovering it as they are photographing your wedding.

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2 . You learn some tricks for looking your best

Not only does your photographer learn who you are as a couple at the engagement session, but they will usually give you tips along the way so that you can look your best in your images. For instance, where do you put your hands when you’re unsure what to do…where to look, which leg to put your weight on, etc. By the end of the session you’ll walk away feeling like professional models.

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3. It’s the best way to warm up to the camera

Being photographed for the first time can feel a bit awkward. You’re not sure what to expect, you don’t know how to hold yourself and you’re feeling a bit self-conscious about the whole process—just imagine having to deal with all of that on your wedding day. Do you want the first time your photographer points their camera at you to be on your wedding day? Trust me, the time spent at your engagement session will pay dividends on your big day.

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4. There is more control

With your wedding, the date is set in stone. Whatever weather or circumstances you’re given is what you get, but with your engagement session we are able to be much more flexible. We can reschedule when needed, and because we aren’t working within a wedding timeline we don’t need to worry about sticking to a tight schedule and getting to the next part of the day. There is much more time to have fun and be creative.

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5. It builds trust and connection

Perhaps the best thing that engagement sessions offer is a great opportunity to foster trust and a connection between the two of you and the photographer you’ve chosen to shoot your wedding day. It allows you to slow down, and to connect and show tenderness for each other during the wedding planning process (which can sometimes seem like checking off an endless to-do list). This opportunity also builds trust between you and your photographer (and your friends and family). That way, when it comes to the wedding day, you and everyone else can relax knowing that your photographer will make everyone look their best and your wedding photos will be amazing.

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Photography: David Abel


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