5 Best Honeymoon Funds : How to Choose the Right One

Nov 14, 2019 | Planning

The age old 'do we give gifts or cash to the happy couple?' is a question we're asked often not only by the guests of weddings but also by brides and grooms wondering if it's rude to state the type of gifts they'd like from guests at their wedding. I mean, let's face it, the vast majority of couples these days have lived with their significant other prior to getting married and have everything they need for their home and lifestyle. But asking for cold hard cash? A little insensitive no? So we're thrilled to introduce you the Top 5 Best Honeymoon Funds around to make this a little easier for you.


Not sure where to start when choosing your ideal honeymoon fund? Traveler's Joy is not a traditional 'drop some cash in an online account' type service - this service is about making the experience of giving cash as fun and meaningful and memorable — if not more so! — than giving a physical present. It’s hard to get too excited about simply dropping money in a card, but it’s actually quite romantic to pay for something knowing it’s earmarked for the last meal of the couple’s honeymoon, or even a cocktail in the airport on their way out. With no upgrade fees, you get 100% of Traveler's Joy's services 100% of the time. They are the official honeymoon registry partner of the largest wedding websites in the world so be confident in your decision in choosing this fund. You've also got the freedom to decide where, when, and how to arrange your travel. They don't require you to book your honeymoon with any particular travel agency or airline.

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Instead of pillow cases, have the first night in a tropical paradise. Instead of wine glasses, have dinner with an ocean view. You can include anything you can think of, and fund it through your gifts. Less stuff, more memories.

You can try out all Buy Our Honeymoon’s unique features by signing up for a free 7-day trial, with absolutely no obligation. And, if you start your free trial using promo code SPARROW, they’ll give you a massive 20% discount on their service, should you decide to go ahead! Read on for more information from Buy Our Honeymoon...

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If you're one of our UK brides, check out Prezola who are the leaders in Honeymoon Funds! You can start instantly by creating your account in 4 simple steps and start building your ultimate honeymoon fund and gift list. It doesn't have to be complicated either - choose from hundreds of options such as 'flight upgrade' or 'romantic dinner' or create your own bespoke funds. Want to add a little luggage or a cute beach hat to that list? Easy! Add gorgeous gifts to match your honeymoon all on the same list so your guests have complete flexibility. When you're all set, get ready to share it - take advantage of their FREE customisable wedding website or add to your wedding invites.

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Feel a little uncomfortable listing cash as your prefered gift giving method? You're not alone. That's why so many brides are using Zank You. They're the world's largest Honeymoon Fund website and it's not just about the cash. You will find everything you need to know about your big day: how to get to the venue with maps, nearby hotels you can book, replies from RSVPs, and contributions to presents, amongst a whole host of other things. Share all the information for your marriage in one click. Zank You allows you to directly receive your guests' contributions in cash, in a much more personal way. Alongside the money, you will receive a personalised congratulations message, and we know that your guests will love to feel that they are giving you something you will like. Want to add some gifts to your Honeymoon List too? No problem. Zank You a wide catalog of gift ideas sorted by brands and categories. Once they are on your list, you can change them at will! You can also create your own present ideas with a simple form where you just enter a price, a description and a picture. You can even add the steps of your honeymoon, which will then be shown on a map for a rendering always more playful for your guests!

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With awesome travel advise and inspiration on where to go, Honeyfund is the go-to for Honeymoon Funds. House full of homewares and just want to jetset and relax with your new beau? This could be the registry for you. Don't despair however if you don't want to miss out on the fun presents. Honeyfund is also affiliated with Target - hooray! Get in line for those Magnolia Home goods stat!


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