Top 5 Tips to Have an Exceptionally Beautiful Wedding

Jun 26, 2018 | Planning

With the plethora of inspiration out there on blogs and social media, I know how hard it is to refine your taste and aesthetic sometimes so here's a few Top Tips on how to make sure your wedding day remains you.

I’ve seen brides lose their own aesthetic in the process of preparing for their wedding after seeing mages of other people’s weddings. These inspirations are often just distractions, and can cause a bride to forget to ask – what’s important to me? I've also asked some of our awesome Fine Art Curation members what they wish brides and grooms would ask them before a wedding day - don't forget that your vendors are well rehearsed in weddings and are a fountain of knowledge and help!

Be inspired by the land

Once you’ve booked your venue make sure to visit a couple times if possible. Look around you. What colors, textures and objects do you see? Incorporate at least one of those elements into your design as a motif.

Treat it like a dinner party

If you want your wedding to have an intimate, personal feel, regardless of its size, think of it less as an “event” and more as a gathering of loved ones. Pay attention to the details that bring people together – the meal, the lighting, the seating. Create an at-ease atmosphere that encourages interaction.

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Trust your vendors

I would love that my customers understand a little bit how the sourcing of beautiful flowers is a tricky, expensive and stressful task, and that it is by trusting us and giving us enough freedom, that they will get the most out of their florist. - Laetitia Mayor (Floresie) Image above by Mary Claire Photography.

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Know what a Stylist does

I would love for clients to understand the importance and the value of a designer/stylist and creative director in conjunction with planning services. Stylists can create moods, experiences and ensure the images have the opportunity to shine. Brides sometimes don't understand the value of these other services and can be let down by the lack of experience from their wedding day. - Lacy Geary (image above of Lacy's work by Jake Anderson)

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Introduce your vendors to each other

It's amazing how your stylist can work successfully with all of your vendors - both before and during a wedding - to create even more curated and elevated imagery, by curating the aesthetic of a wedding and also by styling and posing on site! - Elizabeth Gopal (East Made Event Company) Image above of Elizabeth's work by Winsome & Wright

The biggest item I wish clients would do more often by themselves (I've learned to insert myself) is to include the photographer in the planning/design process. The photographer has a huge responsibility of capturing the aspects of the day, and a good photographer will accurately capture the day in a way which depicts who the couple is, both as individuals as well as a couple. Being included in the design process allows the photographer to have an intimate idea of who the couple is, and the ways in which the details the couple has selected play into the overall design of the day. - Jake Anderson (image by Jake below)

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Bonus Tip - Organize your details

Many brides are inspired by detail photographs that they see from their favorite photographers and blogs but can be unaware of how much effort goes into creating these perfectly styled photographs. To help your photographer with the process but sure to have your invitation suite, jewelry, signature perfume, shoes, wedding dress and additional heirlooms gathered neatly into one place. This way when the photographer has arrived to your getting suite they can begin photographing them right away!
!" - Melissa Blythe (image below by Melissa)

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vendor details

Front page image: Photography: Melissa Blythe | Design & Styling: Kerry Poulter | Floral Design: Tiger By The Tail | Invitation Suite: Beautifully Lost Studio | Shoes: Bella Belle | Ribbon: Lancaster & Cornish | Jewelry: Michaela Roemer

First image of florals on stairs: Styling and Planning: Rachael Ellen Events | Coordination: Avec Weddings | Venue: Château de Bourron


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