Unique engagement rings with a modern twist by Kristin Coffin

Nov 30, 2022 | Engagements

Dreaming of a unique diamond engagement ring with a modern twist? Look no further than Kristin Coffin, who designs one-of-a-kind engagement rings handcrafted by highly skilled artisans and metalsmiths here in the USA. Inspired by bygone eras and elements from the natural world, Kristin creates exquisite engagement rings made to last a lifetime and beyond.

"Through each ring we create, we hope to put a modern spin on one of our most meaningful traditions," explains Kristin. "By focusing on alternative stone options, unexpected designs, and ethical sourcing, we create rings that resonate with a new generation of love stories." Let's find out more about Kristin and her beautifully unique engagement rings.

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Unique & sustainable engagement rings

Whether you're looking for a dramatic Art Deco-inspired sparkler, classic three-stone ring or a unique asymmetrical cluster design, Kristin Coffin offers a ring for every bride who values style and sustainability. The brand specializes in ethical lab-created diamonds, sapphires and moissanite you can’t find elsewhere.

Lab-grown stones have the same properties as mined stones, but without the environmental or humanitarian costs of mining. Diamonds and sapphires are grown in laboratories that recreate the same environment that causes stones to form in the earth, which means they’re every bit as real - but with a smaller carbon footprint. All that differs between mined and lab-grown stones is their sustainability and their price.

"We believe in holding onto the most meaningful traditions, but rejecting the jewelry industry’s dark history of harmful practices that have polluted our earth’s water and skies, and created humanitarian crises across the globe, explains Kristin. "We’re passionate about taking an environmentally-friendly, ethical approach to crafting the perfect symbol of your love story. By specializing in alternative lab-grown gems and diamonds set into recycled precious metals, we create meaningful heirlooms that resonate with the values of our generation."

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Salt and pepper engagement rings

It has become ingrained in our minds that sparkling white diamonds make the ultimate engagement ring, but times are changing and the classic white diamond isn't the holy grail it once was. If you're looking for something unexpected and a more environmentally friendly and less costly alternative to white diamonds, salt and pepper engagement rings are a fantastic choice. Salt and pepper diamonds have existed for centuries alongside their more popular white diamond counterpart, yet these imperfect stones are only now growing in popularity with brides-to-be.

"Our generation has questioned the notion of value and the social norms associated with the clear white diamond," explains Kristin. "Diamonds with inclusions, color variations, opacity, and ranging colors are now celebrated as unique, rare and edgy. Every natural salt and pepper diamond has its own unique characteristics and personality, making it a truly one-of-a-kind stone and ring."

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Grey moissanite engagement rings

As a trailblazer of exquisite grey moissanite, Kristin is leading the trend of creating rings with this stunning rare mineral. The unique grey hue occurs naturally during the moissanite crystal growing process and ranges in shade from a smoky mid grey to a dark steely grey.

"In addition to the subtle differences in color from one stone to the next, each individual grey is also very chameleon-like. A single grey moissanite can shift from true-grey to cooler-toned, and lighter to darker depending on the light source," she explains.

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Handcrafted in the USA

All Kristin Coffin rings are meticulously handcrafted in the United States by the most highly-skilled goldsmiths. Classically trained in metalsmithing, Kristin values true artisanship when it comes to bringing her designs to life. An artist at heart, she takes care to deliver a personalized experience to each and every client, ensuring they discover a ring reflective of their individual style and story.


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