Your Wedding Style - What is Slow Luxury?

Nov 12, 2020 | Planning

With wedding planning and styling an integral part of pulling your big day together, smaller weddings have highlighted the trend for 'slow luxury'. So what is it all about? Today, we have resident Fine Art Curation expert Lea Stafford on hand to guide us through attaining such a style...

After spending years focusing on the goal of "becoming established" in the industry, I felt moved at the time to shift the focus of the brand so that values and aesthetics were at the forefront. It became clear that working with clients and partners who share the same vision will lead to an exceptional event and design. This model truly fuels the creative process and makes our time together very enjoyable. How can we find happiness without being only focused on buying or consuming something that fits the overall concept? Slow Luxury is instead, all around the idea of delivering an intentional experience through a journey and appreciation. Here are some ideas on how to achieve a slow luxury style.”

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Often, the more local the product, the more unique the experience is. Not only are you staying true to the region, but you are also supporting the local artisans, suppliers, and community. Local artisans to where you're getting married can offer unique services and products so take a look around the vicinity of the venue and ask your planner how to include local artists. Find locally sourced resources and materials that speak to you and offer a special touch to your design. Does your location produce some of the best stoneware or fresh produce in the region? If so, lean into that! When thinking of luxury, pair that with a breathtaking and unforgettable experience. It is logical that historical venues usually honor their heritage, perhaps you recreate a welcoming ceremony or dining experience that remains true to the era. Being a destination wedding planner, it's always a focus to bring in elements of that locality into the design.

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Smaller venues and destinations (like island locations) also have a slower pace in general meaning your day can be stretched out of a longer period during the day and evening. Spending more time with your loved ones is what a wedding day is all about. From a leisurely breakfast and getting ready time, to a morning yoga session for all the guests, there are lots of ways to really enjoy this time before the ceremony while utilizing your wedding venue.

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Often we choose florals based simply on a color palette but more and more, we are seeing couples that incorporate a more meaningful design. For example, choosing a scent that they wish to use later on in their perfume or home, forever reminding them of their wedding day. Or a particular flower that symbolizes a relative or loved one so they are with them in some way. The design of your wedding flowers can still be much more meaningful than seasonality or color tone.

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Less is always more. Don't feel trapped by the 'Pinterest wedding' and how we need many different styling objects to pull a wedding together. The best and most timeless weddings are truly those that incorporate smaller details that mean something and can be appreciated by the most important people - you.

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"With this at the core of our brand philosophy, we continue to support the slow luxury lifestyle model. This is one that supports intention while promoting quality over quantity. This becomes very valuable during the creative exploration process. Partnering with couples who have a passion for travel, culture, sustainable practices, clean food, and great wine really allows the wedding and event to become a bespoke experience for them and their guests."

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Photography: Lynn Dunston | Planning and Styling: Lea Stafford Events


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