Where to Buy an Engagement Ring in NYC

Mar 28, 2024 | Engagements
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We all know New York City is a shopping mecca so where better to shop for one of the biggest purchases you'll ever make? NYC is full of incredible jewelry stores and custom engagement ring designers so you're sure to find the perfect engagement ring and wedding band amongst the busy streets and sky scrappers.

The Diamond District is a great place to start your search when wondering where to buy an engagement ring in NYC. Located on 48th street in the heart of the city's famous jewelry quarter, Erstwhile is one of our favorite destinations for vintage and hand-crafted engagement rings. If you're dreaming of an engagement ring that sparkles with antique diamonds or exquisite rare gems, read on to find out more about the unique shopping experience provided by Erstwhile.

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A luxury engagement ring shopping experience

Nestled in a luxury high-rise in NYC's Diamond District, the Erstwhile showroom provides a distinctly personal shopping experience. Clients have the opportunity to explore a curated collection of authentic antique and vintage engagement rings, personally selected by founder and fifth-generation jeweler, Jared Klusner. Additionally, if you prefer a new ring rather than an antique model, you can peruse the Erstwhile collection, which features vintage-inspired and modern settings crafted with rare antique diamonds in Erstwhile's NYC workshop.

The by-appointment showroom (open Monday to Saturday) provides a personalized experience where you'll receive undivided attention from knowledgeable sales staff, all experts in antiques, diamonds, and engagement rings. You're able to try on various rings, explore the entire collection, and benefit from professional expertise.

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NYC custom engagement ring design

Erstwhile's offers a custom engagement ring service, where jewellers delight in recreating vintage designs from their archives. The brand's specialty lies in offering new settings adorned with antique stones, providing a one-of-a-kind blend of history and modern craftsmanship. Many brides take advantage of the Set Your Stone service, which allows you to incorporate heirloom stones into custom settings, either from the Erstwhile collection or in recreated vintage designs.

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A day in the Diamond District

While shopping for your engagement ring in the NYC Diamond District, why not make a day of it? Erstwhile's showroom is surrounded by great places to eat and drink, like Hatsuhana for a spot of sushi, Lady M Cake Boutique for sweet treats, and Blue Bottle Coffee for an afternoon caffeine hit.

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Tips for visiting the NYC Diamond District

The origins of the NYC Diamond District date back as far as the 1920s yet the world-famous stretch of Manhattan we know today didn’t begin to take shape until a couple of decades later. It now covers the street of West 47th and is boxed in by Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

The Diamond District is home to 4,000 wholesalers and retail jewelers, and an estimated $500 million trades hand each day on this single street. In total, as much as 90% of the nation’s diamond trading starts here before filtering down to other hubs across the country. It t is undoubtedly a great place to buy an engagement ring in NYC but you still need to proceed with caution. Here's our top tips for shopping with success in the Diamond District:

  • Schedule an appointment with recommended jewelers in advance
  • Research the 4Cs of diamond grading
  • Familiarise yourself with the Kimberley Process.
  • Don’t buy jewelry without certification and documentation. No exceptions.
  • Never buy or sell with the 'jewelers' (or hawkers) who may approach you on the street.
  • Only buy jewelry from a company with a proper return policy and warranty.
  • Never buy from a jeweller that pressures you into a purchase, even if you're offered a great price to buy on the spot.

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