What to expect from an engagement ring appointment at With Clarity

Apr 16, 2024 | Engagements
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If you want to choose your own engagement ring, a personal appointment with your preferred jeweler is the way to go. Nothing quite beats a tailored shopping experience in plush surroundings to make this special life moment even more memorable.

Once you've done some research on choosing the perfect engagement ring, it's time to book an appointment and start trying on some styles. Wondering what's involved? We asked luxury engagement ring brand, With Clarity, to find out what you can expect from an engagement ring appointment at their SoHo showroom in NYC, plus how virtual online appointments work if you can't get to the city.

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Research well before you book an appointment

The first step to a successful engagement ring shopping experience starts before you enter the showroom. Spend time researching the brands that you like to get a feel for their quality and aesthetic, and read reviews on the level of service they offer. This filters out the brands that don't offer the luxury experience and high quality jewelry we know you're looking for.

For example, With Clarity offers direct-to-consumer luxury high-fashion jewelry at accessible prices with a personlized shopping experience. It captures stylish opulence in every piece, combining contemporary design with classic elegance. Sound good? You can book a store appointment at their Soho showroom in NYC here, or a virtual online appointment here.

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What to expect from an engagement ring appointment

A visit to the With Clarity showroom offers the experience to explore the world of diamonds in a fun, welcoming environment. You'll get to understand and discover what you love before you purchase, with expect advice on hand throughout the process. Your jewelry specialist is there to answer all questions and will ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding while navigating all of the different elements.

You will be seated at a private table to feel at ease throughout the entirety of your reservation, which lasts about 45 minutes. Your jewelry specialist will guide you through a detailed process based on your personal preferences and present you with a curated collection of diamond rings to try.

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Custom engagement ring design

The beauty of With Clarity is that your engagement ring can be totally custom-made to your personal requirements. Show pictures for inspiration, sketch your vision, and dream big because your ring is completely tailored to you. You choose the diamond, the setting, the type of metal, and every other detail you can imagine that makes the ring completely yours. With expert advice to clarify your criteria and budget, your jewelry specialist will help you along the way in creating your perfect ring. Once designed, you will receive your custom creation in just 8 business days.

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Virtual engagement ring appointment

If you can't get to With Clarity's showroom in NYC, you can still benefit from a personal shopping experience with an virtual engagement ring appointment online. Offering the ultimate flexibility, you can speak with the same knowledgeable jewelry specialists and enjoy a totally tailored experience to help you find the perfect ring. You can on rely With Clarity experts to refine their search until you're absolutely delighted.

Furthermore, With Clarity's Home Preview service makes it easy for you to select the perfect ring by allowing you to choose up to two replica rings to preview for three days (within the USA only). After you are done viewing, simply use the prepaid shipping label and return via USPS in the original packaging. All replica orders ship USPS free of charge to and from the customer.

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If you're dreaming of stunning engagement ring with high fashion appeal, a personalized shopping experience at With Clarity is sure to deliver. Combining high quality luxury with affordable prices, the in-house diamond experts will guide you to finding the perfect ring at their NYC showroom or through a virtual appointment online.

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