What to Expect for the Perfect Engagement Session

Apr 08, 2015 | Engagements

We know many couples out there are in the dark when it comes to engagement sessions! Why do them? What do you wear? What if you're camera shy?! From personal experience, we can attest to the fact that not every couple is super thrilled to be in front of a camera smooching and trying to be lovey dovey. However, we promise it is worth it and it can be so much fun ...  just take a look at these gorgeous engagement sessions! To ease all of your fears, answer your questions and give you some engagement inspiration, we've got all of the details that you'll need from film photographer Sawyer Baird... 

-Do all of your couples have an engagement shoot? 90% of my clients have an engagement session with me. Some people book a package with an engagement session included and some don't. Most of the time clients will add on an engagement session, though.

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-Do you recommend couples have an engagement shoot? If so, why? YES! I highly recommend having an engagement session. It is a great way to meet your photographer, work with your photographer, and interact with your photographer. It also makes things much easier on the day of the wedding because the engagement is like a trial run to me & when the wedding rolls around, you really already know what to do , how to pose, and the overall process of photos.

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-What should a couple wear to an engagement session? I highly suggest simple clothing. Patterns can be good, but not always, so in my opinion you can never go wrong with basics and neutrals. Personally I create mood boards that I sent my clients based off their personalities/style. I have a generic Pinterest board for clients to look at, too, for further ideas if they get stuck.

Jen_and_russell1 Sawyer Baird Photography Jen & Russel 9 Sawyer Baird Photography Should a couple bring anything to an engagement session? Yes! Things that represent who they are or things that they enjoy. I love creating a story with engagement sessions - in these sessions it is their love story unfolding and I really love getting their personalities to come out. Sometimes a simple picnic or a champagne toast is key. Sometimes going for a swim or being all giddy on the beach is key. It all depends on who you are, but personal touch is always a good thing. Oh- and bring your pets ;) duh. Beach Session-  116 Sawyer Baird Photography -Do you direct couples if needed (when they're shy etc)? Yes. I always give my couples a sense of direction. As a photographer, I realize that not everybody is a model- nor do I expect them to be. Some people are comfortable in front of the camera while others are not. It always takes a good 20 minutes to get in the jam of things when photographing a couple for the first time, but there is always this moment where they are at ease and then all the pieces come together & magic happens. Lots of smiles, lots of laughs, and it is so amazing to see the relationship and love between each couple. It is so sweet and yet so exciting, every time. Beach Session-  94 Sawyer Baird Photography Teesha_and_Josh Sawyer Baird Photography

What are some fun ideas for the day of? Tips? I always suggest to the bride to do a trial run of hair & makeup on the day of engagements. Even if the hair isn't the wedding day hair, it is so important to have amazing makeup on your engagement session. It really does make a difference! Also, the week before your session drink plenty of water. It hydrates your skin and gives you such a good glow for the session (not saying you shouldn't drink water all the time - because you should).

Thanks, Sawyer! We love these tips and hope this helps some of your future brides and grooms. Have any tips of your own? Let us know! 

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