Venues for the Fine Art Wedding

Aug 22, 2017 | Planning

This week is Wedding Sparrow's unofficial venue week! The next edition of our monthly newsletters comes out tomorrow and you can sign up here - be sure to get on the list for all the tips, favorite venues, gorgeous inspiration and more!

Below you'll find several of our favorite venues from around the world, many of which we've personally visited ourselves. From rustic barns to French chateaux, we're crossing our fingers for you that your options can be open so you can choose anywhere that suits you!

Wormsloe Plantation - Savannah, Georgia - wedding venues Pin it

Above is the famous shot of Wormsloe Plantation, a historical location in Savannah, Georgia. For our plantation lovers, this place is as magical as you can get - think Spanish moss and tree-lined driveways to the max... so, so stunning. Images by Lauren Fair Photography.

Venues for the Fine Art Wedding Pin it
Kestrel Park - California wedding venue Pin it

Above is for our West Coast, USA brides: we couldn't possibly put into words so enchanting Kestrel Park is! Located in Santa Ynez, California, this place has almost a medieval charm and a Provencal feel, simultaneously. Kestrel Park only accepts a handful of weddings per year so their couples can be rest assured that the grounds are in pristine condition. We love recommending this stunning place to our couples! Images by Katie Grant.

Swan House - Atlanta wedding venue Pin it
The Swan House - Atlanta Georgia wedding venue Pin it

Pictured above is the famous Swan House, as photographed by WS favorite Taylor and Porter - an iconic historic site in Atlanta, Georgia built in the 1920's. This venue is one of the most visited and photographed in Georgia and rightly so. Everything a bride and groom could dream of is right here in the Swan House...

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Chateau Moissac - Provence wedding venue chateau Pin it
Chateau Moissac - Provence chateau wedding venue Pin it

We have a personal affection for the stunning Chateau de Moissac pictured above in the south of France. We shot our rebrand for the new Wedding Sparrow site in 2015 here in this incredible place, which was restored by hand by the amazing owners. Including the most scenic views of mountains and lands beyond, the chateau is just as stunning on the inside as it is on the outside. This would be our perfect venue... images by the lovely Laura Gordon exclusively for Wedding Sparrow.

The White Sparrow - Texas wedding venue Pin it

This stunning white barn venue is called The White Sparrow and we are absolutely in love. While it is difficult to find rustic venues that aren't too rustic, but keep their charm, we find everything we adore in this gorgeous barn with white from top to bottom! The White Sparrow is located in Quinlan, Texas and we've had the honor of visiting in person...

St. Giles House - Dorset UK Pin it

Above is another venue that we've personally visited. St. Giles House, located in Dorset UK, is truly special because it is a family home turned wedding venue - so much rich history and impeccable detailing that would be the most romantic place for a wedding, ever. Image by Orange Photographie - you can see more of this shoot here.

Venues for the Fine Art Wedding Pin it
Hammersky Vineyard wedding venue in California Pin it

Above is famed Hammersky, located off the central coast in California as well. HammerSky is one of the most pictured properties in the area with over 50 acres that lay out perfectly for events. A chic white barn, 100+ year old farmhouse, and giant oaks trees? Yes, yes, yes! Images by Brushfire Photography.

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Chateau de Carsix - France wedding venue Pin it

Above is the regal Château de Carsix, located in the department of Eure in the region of Haute Normandie in France. This beautiful place boasts rich historic restored architecture that is so elegant it feels fit for royalty! One of our favorite aspects of Château de Carsix is the ability to host all types of weddings - small or large - or host your guests for the entire weekend. THere's so much to boast about Château de Carsix for that we will just let the pretty photographs by Kayla Barker speak for themselves...

Bella Collina - Florida wedding venue Pin it

For our Southeastern USA brides, we found Bella Collina to be one of the most surprising and transformative venues! This stunning places seems straight out of Tuscany rather than in Orlando, Florida and we love the sprawling grounds. Image by KT Merry.

Pippin Hill Farm - Virginia wedding venue Pin it
Pippin Hill Farm - Virginia wedding venue Pin it

Above is beautiful Virginia property Pippin Hill Farms. This multipurpose wedding venue has it all - an elegant and luxe 'barn', vineyards, expansive views of rolling hills, and so much more. For our East Coasters who want the combination of laid back and elegant, this would be your best bet! Lovely images by Laura Gordon.

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Villa Ephrussi Pin it

Located between Nice and Monaco, this jaw dropping venue called Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is one of France's most luxurious properties. Pictured above, this insanely gorgeous place flaunts a blush tone to the exterior and extravagant gardens surrounding the buildings. We've always been a longtime fan of this venue and would love to visit someday in person! Image by WS favorite, Greg Finck.


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