Top New Orleans Courtyard Wedding Venues

Sep 24, 2020 | Planning

New Orleans has its fair share of phenomenal courtyards! We're incredibly lucky to have Harpers Bazaar recommended wedding planner Michelle Norwood Events here with us today who's going to share with you her top three perfect courtyards for your wedding in New Orleans...

1. New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

It's no secret that the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is my favorite courtyard in all of New Orleans (of the ones I have seen of course). I get all the feel when I walk into this space. Making it a perfect fit for my short list of perfect New Orleans courtyards for your wedding. Nestled in the iconic French Quarter's in New Orleans, the Pharmacy Museum is full of history dating back to Circa-1823 apothecary, and is now a museum with exhibits of early medicines, superstitious cures & more. So totally New Orleans.

As you step through the gorgeous museum, you step into a space that is lush full of beautiful exposed brick, lush tropical palm trees and a stunning fountain that is original to the space.

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I myself have planned many events in this space, and the design options are limitless. The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is full of charm, character and history. Designing is a dream for this intimate space. When designing I allow the space of this timeless lush courtyard to be the focus, while bringing in elements that are timeless yet modern to accent the courtyard.

Ceremony under the arch, chandeliers hanging from the trees, bistro lighting, lounge vignettes and on, and on, and on. The possibilities for designing are endless for the stunning courtyard hidden on Chartres St in New Orleans.

Whether you're planning a seated dinner, cocktail style reception or a mix and mingle, this locale is a perfect fit for your fall wedding.

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2. Brennan's Restaurant

A short stroll from my all time favorite courtyard in New Orleans, Brennan's Restaurant courtyard is iconic New Orleans. Brennan's is a Creole restaurant in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

The iconic pink building located on 417 Royal Street, was originally a private two-story French Quarter mansion constructed in 1795, built for Don José Faurie and later housed the Banque de la Louisiane, the first bank in Louisiana from 1841 to 1891. After changing hands many times, it officially became Brennan's Restaurant in 1956.

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The historic building (circa 1795) underwent an extensive renovation. The new Brennan's was unveiled in the fall of 2014 and hosted its first wedding the same year in the opulent courtyard.

Despite the expansive renovation the new owners keep a lot of the space original to 1795. The courtyard being one of those spaces. The fountain being the main focus. Full of charm and surrounded by years of history, if these walls could talk, oh the stories it would tell.

Whether you're hosting an intimate seated dinner or a cocktail style reception, this historic yet timeless courtyard is a designer dream and full of possibilities, making it a perfect fit for our exclusive list of 3 perfect New Orleans courtyards for your wedding.

3. Race and Religious

Rounding out our short list of 3 perfect New Orleans courtyards for your wedding is Race and Religious. Located in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, this location hosts three homes, including a bougainvillea-lined courtyard and a swimming pool area lit by gas lamps. Need I say more?!

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The lush courtyards are filled with tropical mature palms and two outdoor wood burning fireplaces, add the perfect amount of ambiance for your courtyard wedding.

I simply love hosting ceremonies under the bridge that connects the carriage way to the main house, intimate seated dinner in the back courtyard and corn hole and/or a cute tap truck full of spirits in the front courtyard. The all out dance party takes place under the bridge, where the ceremony was hosted, while the DJ spins tunes from above.

Whether you're hosting a romantic intimate timeless affair or an all out modern, industrial event, these are our top three picks for your perfect New Orleans courtyards wedding. Which one will you choose?!

A HUGE thanks to expert Michelle Norwood Events for sharing three stunning outdoor courtyard venues with us! See more courtyard weddings in New Orleans planned and designed by Michelle Norwood Events here.


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