Top 6 Bridal Designers for a Fine Art Bride

Apr 09, 2019 | Bridal Style

Wedding dress shopping can be a stressful time if you don't know where to start, so we've made it that bit easier by showcasing our Top 6 Bridal Designers for the Fine Art Bride...


With the sort of exquisitely timeless wedding dresses you will want to preserve for your daughter and generations after her, Cathy Telle weave sophisticated silhouettes and contemporary design details with vintage inspiration for the modern bride.

Over the last 3 years their collections have conquered the bridal market in their home country of the Ukraine, and made the Cathy Telle name known across the World, winning the hearts of brides (and bloggers) everywhere.

Cathy Telle wedding dress Pin it
Cathy Telle wedding dress Pin it

Image 1 - Tyler Rye | Image 2 - Elena Matiash | Image 3 - Olga Siyanko | Image 4 - Tamara Gigola


We've been long time fans of Emily's work and have been lucky enough to work with them up close and personal. Exquisite couture wedding gowns, and accessories using unique colored silks, delicate French lace, fine silk tulles, and imported haute couture fabrics.

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Emily Riggs wedding dress Pin it

Image 1 - Emily Riggs | Image 2 - Carlos Hernandez | Image 3 - Maria Lamb | Image 4 - Ellie Baygulov


Brand new to the bridal market, we're excited about this modern contemporary take on wedding gowns from stylists Pearl & Godiva. With sleek silhouettes and flowing lines, this new brand is one to watch...

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Studio Viperine Pin it

Image 1 - Tamara Gigola | Image 2 - Julia Bosch | Image 3 - Carrie King | Image 4 - Greer Gattuso


One of our most pinned brands of wedding dresses, Rime Arodaky aims at breaking the barrier of what a traditional bridal world is supposed to look like, one creation at a time. Disheveled hair, no bouquet, barefoot & fierce… The Rime Arodaky bride is Rock’n’roll yet sophisticated, mixing French savoir-faire and top-notch quality. The Maison rapidly became a household name in the wedding industry, because of its innovation and forward thinking...

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rime arodaky wedding dress 2019 Pin it

Images 1 - 4 Greg Finck


This bridal designer is one for the fashion savvy. Naeem an Indian-American fashion designer, is known for his ornate and intricately detailed gowns, and for dressing First Lady Michelle Obama, Queen Noor of Jordan, and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. And the embellishment? Divine...

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naeem khan wedding dress Pin it


Again another wedding dress designer that we have personally seen in person and loved to use in our editorials! British designer Sam Walls Beasley has been designing and creating bespoke wedding dresses for 15 years. Originally from London, Sam now lives in New York where she continues to mix traditionally English and classical feminine styling with post-punk contemporary romanticism for her couture label Samuelle.

Samuelle Couture wedding dress Pin it
Samuelle Couture dress Pin it

Image 1 - Taylor & Porter | Image 2 - Jose Villa | Images 3 & 4 - Taylor & Porter


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