The Pros and Cons of Sharing a First Look

Apr 30, 2020 | Planning

First-look wedding photos may not be the newest trend in wedding photography but they’re still a hot topic. The time-honored practice of not seeing your significant other until the actual wedding ceremony is a good-luck superstition and many couples are still sticking with it, while others are opting for a first look for reasons that range from easing wedding-day nerves to making sure they can actually get to the cocktail hour. As your big day approaches, you’re probably wondering whether you want first-look wedding photos—or whether you want to wait until you walk down the aisle for your big reveal. So we have Fine Art Curation member Sarah Sunstrom Photography here today to help you with your decision to 'first look' or 'not to first look'...

The Pros and Cons of Sharing a First Look Pin it
Pros and Cons of First Look Pin it

"When designing the details of their day, many couples struggle with whether or not to share a first look together. Tradition tells us that having the groom see the bride for the first time is when she walks down the aisle. His emotions are rarely contained as her father escorts her to her new husband. Tears gently roll down his cheeks as they meet eyes. She is beaming from ear to ear. These are the moments in life that are truly one of a kind. These are the traditions that have been made generation after generation. There is something nostalgic and traditional about having the groom see the bride walking down the aisle but it can also crunch your timeline later in the day. You will need to wait until after the ceremony for family portraits, bridal party portraits and romantic portraits of the two of you - which could keep your guests waiting at the reception."

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"However, there is another way to see each other and be able to share the love you have for one another on a more private level. Sharing a first look can be beneficial in the interest of the flow of your day, as well as being able to share how lovely you look with each other. The traditional way of seeing each other doesn't lend itself to any communication between each other, however sharing a first look would allow you to articulate your immediate feelings of how stunning you each look. You'll be able to embrace each other, share a kiss and even a twirl all while tucked away with just your photographer to document this private moment. After your first look, you can photograph your family portraits so those are complete before the ceremony. Your family will be able to enjoy cocktail hour and converse with guests while you two are finishing up your romantic portraits after the ceremony."

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"Whichever you choose for your wedding day will be perfect whether you choose to keep that traditional nostalgia or modernize your first look to help with the flow of the day. Talk these options over with your photographer to be sure you achieve exactly what you are wanting to experience."

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A huge thanks to Sarah Sunstrom Photography for guiding us through the Pros and Cons of a First Look! Don't forget, you can see more of Sarah's work right here and contact her directly for her 2021 and 2022 availability...

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