The Most Popular Engagement Ring Designs Right Now

Jun 29, 2020 | Planning

Wondering whether your sparkler is on trend? Today, We’re diving deep into the top engagement ring trends for 2021. If you're thinking of getting engaged soon, you'll be looking at the latest engagement rings popping up on your Instagram feed in full force. So what does the latest crop of rings have to offer? Whether you already have the ring of your dreams picked out (dropping hints counts), or you and your partner are just starting to talk about what that bling might look like—you’ll want to be armed with all the latest engagement ring trends before you take that critical selfie.Here’s a breakdown of current engagement ring shapes and styles we love.

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We're seeing a strong comeback of yellow gold, and the once-bemoaned metal (we blame Carrie Bradshaw) is set to make a major return on the hands of the chicest brides-to-be.

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We're seeing a shift towards transparency and sustainability in engagement rings as the younger Millennials and the first of the Gen Zs [are preparing] to tie the knot. We're now looking to align personal values with brands we patron and the ability to tell an authentic story about where and how a ring is made is becoming increasingly more important.

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Brides are seeking out non-traditional rings that feature unusual stones. We’ve seen the rise of diamond-alternative gemstones for engagement rings over the years, but the experts agree that 2021 will be all about continuing that break with tradition. Emerald, black diamonds, unique-shaped diamonds and non-traditional shapes like open rings are going to be a hit.

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You can thank Meghan Markle for the rise in popularity of the three-stone engagement ring, so 3 and 5 stone rings are becoming popular choices for engagement rings. These types of rings look great delicately stacked with wedding bands.

Doroteya Vasileva from Taylor and Hart said: "Over the past couple of years, brides-to-be have opted for engagement rings with thin plain or pavé diamond bands. Not only does a thin band make the hand look slender and elegant, it also enhances the shape and size of the gemstone. Some of the daintiest bands are only 1.6mm wide, which exudes delicate femininity and makes them a great choice for stacking jewellery with."

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Other diamond cuts whose popularity is sky rocketing are the pear and marquise diamonds. Fancy shaped center stones including Emerald, Marquise and Pear, have become increasingly popular in the past year and will continue to stay on-trend.

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