Simple and Elegant Italian Style Wedding Inspiration

Nov 19, 2015 | Inspiration
The very talented Holly of Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography along with Naomi Kenton Photography gathered some of the UK's best wedding vendors in efforts to create some Fine Art beauty while teaching, learning and collaborating with attendees at the 'A Beautiful Way' workshop this summer. We couldn't peel our eyes away from these light-filled photographs, showing such beautiful emotions between Anthony and Olivia. We've shown a sneak peek of these Harriet Wilde shoes, our favorite wedding shoes ever, on our Instagram and so many of you also fell in love! Each detail is thoughtfully placed and styled so beautifully, in such an organic and natural way. Read on to find out more about what the attendees learned and did and also more about the story of "The Love Letter"... From Holly of Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography: "In Summer we held our first ever Fine Art Wedding workshop called ‘A Beautiful Way’. It took place at the beautiful Almonry Barn in Somerset and it was the perfect day, a day sharing, new-friend-making, laughing and growing together. Our 13 photographer attendees were all amazing, so willing to learn and try a whole new way of shooting in a Fine Art style to help take their approach to photography to a whole new level! The inspiration and theme for the shoot was the 'The Love Letter.' The story of Anthony and Olivia, a girl from a rural Italian Village who meets her love, an English boy. Olivia and Anthony have been apart for the last month. Anthony has posted Olivia a love letter every day, ink and paper declaring and deepening their love. fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_229 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_218 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-city-wedding_070 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_250 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography The day began with Olivia getting ready, surrounded by peace and serenity sat under the shade of an apple tree in the orchard. Anthony has sent her his final love letter before they wed. We wanted the day to be styled with rustic, simple pared back elegance. Hint of beautiful Italy with a colour palette of soft greys, gold and olive greens. We are so proud of all the talented UK wedding suppliers who helped our vision for the day come to life, all true artisans of their craft, from our truly beautiful bespoke dress, handmade by Lady Evelyn, the olive inspired paper suit hand-painted by Gemma Milly, to the beautifully organic oversized bouquet from The Rose Shed, with white flowers and olive leaves, wrapped in the beautiful soft grey Lancaster and Cornish Ribbon. The whole experience was a complete delight!" fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_238 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_278 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_335 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_324 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_226 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_216 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_322 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_331 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_326 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_293 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography fine-art-wedding-photography-workshops-uk-belle-and-beau-photography_274 Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography
Vendor Details
Styling, planning and and Mentors: Belle and Beau Fine Art Photography and Naomi Kenton Photography | Venue: Almonry Barn | Dress & Accessories: Lady Evelyn | Flowers: The Rose Shed | Stationery: Gemma Milly | Ribbon: Lancaster and Cornish | Shoes: Harriet Wilde | Make Up: The Barn | Hair: Louise Alway  


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