Should I Postpone or Cancel my Wedding in Italy?

Apr 13, 2021 | Planning

We're in the most unplanned and confusing time in the wedding industry right now and for some regions and countries, it's worse than others. So what if you're planning to get married in Italy? With another lockdown in place right now, brides are asking more questions of their planners than ever before. So, today we have Fine Art Curation planners Tuscan Wedding Events here to answer some of the questions they have been asked the most recently from brides...

"Should I postpone or cancel my wedding in Italy? This is probably one of the most frequent questions that I’ve received from my couples in the last year. Coronavirus pandemic has created hysteria all over the world and a lot of couples, who planned their destination wedding in Italy, are again asking if they can proceed during this weird situation. All I can do is to answer to all my couple’s questions trying to help to clarify uncertainties...."

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"All weddings planned for May or June 2021 have been already postponed to the Autumn season or directly to 2022 because it’s clear that even if Italy will be able to do events in May or June it will be very difficult to return immediately to our common habits: people could be still afraid to travel abroad, as well as the government could be maintaining some restrictions, to avoid a new spread of the virus even if vaccination has given us hope! For couples that will get married in July or August 2021 I am giving two possibilities: wait the end of April / beginning of May to decide if it’s better to postpone the wedding or not, or decide to change immediately the date."

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"The choice depends on different factors, first of all your personal feelings: are your guests cancelling their presence at the event? What is the situation in your country? Otherwise, if you are little torn, you could ask your venue and all your vendors to put an option on an alternative date before to decide what to do. I know that some couples are really tired to wait and if the period doesn’t seem so easy and happy, my personal suggestion is to postpone the wedding and not cancel it. A lot has been already done and your dream needs to be realized!"

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"Vendors are working hard, together with wedding planners, to assist all the couples, in order to guarantee them their wedding in Italy. But when should you postpone your wedding? I am based in Tuscany, and September and October are still wonderful months for a destination wedding: imagine the vineyards full of grapes, the reddish hills, the delicious food products of the season such as the truffles or the mushrooms… However, if you don’t want to give up at your Spring / Summer wedding in Italy, my suggestion is to wait some more months and then postpone it directly to 2022. These are only some of the most common questions that are worried the couples in these days but remember to think positive, always!"

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