Romantic Tulum Engagement Session in a Handmade Gown

Oct 07, 2015 | Engagements

 “Then love knew it was called love. And when I lifted my eyes to your name, suddenly your heart showed me my way” ― Pablo Neruda

Every bit of this oceanside engagement session in Tulum is magic. We love the stunningly beautiful couple, the lovely stationery by The Weekend Type , and gorgeous handmade ethereal gown handmade by film photographer Michelle Boyd! Tulum is no doubt one of the most beautiful places for a coastal engagement session and we love the way this couple embraces the romantic wind gusts and rocky terrain... From Michelle Boyd Photography: "When this sweet couple booked their engagement session with me in Tulum I knew it was going to be magical. A bit before our trip the bride reached out and said she'd had trouble finding a dress to wear, so I joined in her search- high and low, near and far- to find a gown that fit the vision we came up with. When we couldn't find anything that felt perfect, I decided to make it myself! It takes an incredibly trusting bride to show up to her engagement session not knowing what she'll wear, but I'm so thankful for her daring heart. We woke up before the sun peeked over the horizon, walked barefoot across the rocky shore, and spent the most magical hour capturing these two in the most glorious morning light." TulumEngagements_030 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_020 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_029 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_017 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_046 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_045 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_044 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_028 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_043 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_012 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_003 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_027 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_032 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_009 Michelle Boyd Photography TulumEngagements_013 Michelle Boyd Photography
Vendor Details
Photography: Michelle Boyd Photography | Film Lab: Photo Vision | Calligraphy: The Weekend Type | Gown: Handmade by Michelle Boyd | Jewelry: Madewell


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