Postponing Your Wedding? Here’s What Stationery You Need

Feb 11, 2021 | Planning

Postponing your wedding date isn't fun. And apart from texting and calling everyone to let them know, what are some more aesthetically pleasing ways to let your guests know that your date has changed, your venue has changed, or in fact that you're having to reduce numbers? Our Fine Art Curation member and stationer Papier June is on hand today with some examples of what you can send and what you'll need to think of when it comes to stationery...

"If you are thinking of making the difficult decision of postponing your wedding, you certainly will have a lot on your plate. But here are some tips for you to make the stationery part as easy as possible."

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First things first, you need to let all your guests know that your wedding date will be changing. The best way to do this is by sending a postponement announcement explaining that due to the circumstances, your wedding won’t happen on the initial date. I highly recommend that you inform your guests as soon as possible even if you may not have a new date planned yet. If you have worked it out with your planner and know the future date already, mail your guests an official card with the new date or mail new invitations.

If instead of postponing the wedding, you plan on eloping, send out some beautiful elopement announcements to your closest family and friends.They would be thrilled to still be a part of this.

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This may be a heartbreaking experience but you want to keep a light and positive tone! You can start writing your card by including a cute heading like ’’Love is patient’’ or ’’Let’s try this again!’’ If you prefer a formal vibe, the classic ’’we changed our date’’ will work well too. If you’re looking for something more unique, ask your stationer to help you come up with something creative. We always love a challenge! Also keep in mind that every card that you decide to send out should match the look and feel of your initial invitations or save the date.

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You should reach out and let your stationer know about your postponement as soon as you make the decision in order to make sure that they are able to meet your deadline. Work closely with your stationer and keep them in the loop about your new wedding date and what stationery items that you’ll be needing.

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