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Aug 14, 2014 | Industry
We often shy away from being too personal here on the blog but we love to engage with our readers so after watching the keynote speech from Joy Cho at the recent Blogcademy where Joy talks about sharing more, we've decided that in the interest of you, our beloved readers we'd share something new today! Today, ladies and gents, it's my birthday! That's right, the clock's-a-ticking and Wedding Sparrow (me!) turns 32 years old. A bittersweet birthday if you will as although I hate getting older, 32 is also my lucky number! I've been telling my friends and family for the last few years how 32 will be a great year. Now I'm not sure what's ahead for the next 12 months but that's also why I wanted to write this post. You see, I wrote a New Years resolution post at the start of the year and listed all my hopes and goals for myself and Wedding Sparrow as a business. Nothing out of the ordinary you might say but I can't tell you how life and business has changed because of this post! I wrote about 'Making it happen' in 2014 and here's what 'happened' - I posted about refining our brand and growing the team. I also wrote about wanting to create quality styling events in 2014, attending more workshops, travelling more, working smarter and giving up the 'day job'. Just after the post went live I received an email that would change our business and enable me to leave my day job. All thanks to the post I wrote. Yup, someone read it and was able to offer us everything I had just written about changing in 2014. The ladies from internationally renowned Pearl & Godiva wanted to talk to us about aligning brands and working with each other as a team. An all styling, all planning, all fine art and film team. Those of you who read blogs regularly will for sure have come across Pearl & Godiva's epically beautiful work on Martha Stewart Weddings, Once Wed, Magnolia Rouge and of course, Wedding Sparrow. By putting our 'wish list' for the business out there to the world, we achieved it all. So if it worked so well once, why not try it again?! As it's my birthday, I'm taking a look forward to the 'year of 32' to write about what it would take to make it perfect here at Wedding Sparrow:
  1. Curate and refine our upcoming Vendor Guide ~ Something that has been in the works for a while and something vendors and brides have been asking for, for a long time. We want our list to be the go-to for the fine art industry. Full of artisans, creators, and market leaders.
  2. Travel more ~ We've plans for Paris, California and Ireland already in the next 12 months alone and have just returned from Texas, Ireland and France in the last 3 months but yes we want to travel more! We specifically want to travel to Napa Valley (again), New York (again) and somewhere exotic. We love meeting you guys in person and working with the industries best in this beautiful world of architecture, design and aesthetic. Want to work with us abroad? Email us!
  3. Create something tangible ~ This one is a tough one as I don't want to give much away but I have an idea for a VERY SPECIAL project and I'm looking for the right people to work with to make it happen. Something luxury, something tangible and above all, something no one else has ever created before...
  4. Make our vendors feel even more special ~ I'm constantly striving to ensure our vendors receive the best quality from us. We always tell our vendors to consider Wedding Sparrow an extension of their own business. An avenue of getting the word out there about their business. That's what we're here for! To make sure everyone knows about their quality service/product. If we wouldn't personally recommend it, we won't advertise it. We hope our existing sponsors already feel like we do a great job but we want to go the extra mile. Offer them trade discounts on film processing, exclusive events and workshops just for them, discounts on artisanal products that make you stand out of the crowd for your clients. We're working on this right now and are so excited to have you benefit from it!
  5. Expand the team even more ~ We have Creative Directors, Account Managers, Web Designers and Social Media Managers but if you think you can offer the WS team even more, get in touch!
Well, that's what we want from 32. We've loved every minute of getting to know our brides and vendors whether it be through emails, Skype's or in person. It's been one heck of a year and we can't WAIT to see what's next... Wedding Sparrow birthday cake Laura Catherine Organic Photographs Sara xoxo


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