Outlander Inspired Scottish Wedding Style

Feb 02, 2015 | Inspiration

We love a literary inspired wedding editorial and this Outlander styled session from Lisa O'Dwyer Photography and La Vie Le Gage Couture Events is so full of details and thoughtful touches, any bride would gain bucket loads of ideas from it. The series of Outlander books (now a hit TV series) tells the tale of James and his beloved Claire in a whirlwind love story set in Scotland in 1743. With Joyce from La Vie Le Gage Couture Events at the helm of this editorial, it was sure to be a stunning source of inspiration for anyone with Scottish heritage and fans of the books and TV series.

From La Vie Le Gage Couture Events: "I'm a passionate fan of the first book 'Outlander', which is a pat of an eight book series. I could not let this opportunity of allowing my imagination having it's way designing/staging this inspired shoot. The motto of clan Fraser, Je Suis Prest, I am Ready imparted to me 'Let's Do This! Envisioning the two main characters coming to life was beyond fun for me!  The 25 million worldwide fans of this book series will, I'm sure notice the details telling the story of James Alexander Malcohm Fraser and his beloved Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp. I purposely chose a few scenes from the book depicting what I truly love to do, which is Event Planning. These chosen scenes are endearing to me:  The ceremony, a few tender moments after the ceremony, and the reception.

The venue, Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation, was actually built for an immigrant 'Scotsman'.  The terrain around the Castle was very much like the area that Lisa O'Dwyer Photography shot some images of Standing Stones to give a visual in this shoot of a key detail in the story line.  A great fit for an inspired Highlander ceremony and reception feast.  The reception actually occurred in a small pub.  I let my creative passions and imagination intermingle!"

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

"A chair that was my husband's great, great grandparents' was a great component to display items that would chronicle the story of James Fraser.  A bitty piece of the Lord Lovet Fraser tartan  festooned with the clan badge draped over the chair, a strand of pearls belonging to Jamie's mother given now to Claire as a wedding present, the sporran and dirk (dagger) no Highlander is without, and a clock to represent Claire falling back through time from 1946 to 1743. A stunning fragment of architecture built on a hill overlooking the Castle venue, characterized the small enchanting chapel as written in the book where Jamie and Claire recited their vows.  The character Claire wore a simple yet stunning gown designed by Rebecca Schoneveld.  This gown bridges time from 1743 and heedful of brides today.

Viewing the location for the reception table set-up was fetching indeed.  The Castle views were incredibly breathtaking! Implementing researched components concerning 1743 were scotch, pewter, period clothing, and simple rustic fare.  I decided on a color palette to bring historical richness of that era and reflect today's brides as well."

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

"Rich tones of brown in the table linens provided by La Tavola Linens was drawn from Claire's over skirt as referenced from her wedding gown. The strategy using the two tones of brown linens supported the table's pewter serving pieces along with the gray dinnerware consisting of dinner plates and salad plates.  Utilizing the 'Red Tudor' patterned plates in between the two grays, brought in the color of the Fraser kilt ensemble provided by Kilt Rental USA.  Sprigs of lavender sitting alongside some hearty broken cheese was unpretentious beauty at it's best!!  Accompanying place cards parading blackberries, threaded more Scottish accents as well.

The paper suite was designed by Karen Bartolomei.  Karen's design of the invitation having a banner with all those luscious blackberries really captured both time periods.  Karen even printed small bookmarks with the Fraser Crest of a Stag and the clan's motto 'Jes Suis Prest' (I am Ready)!  The stage is also on the venue's crest, which I thought played out well for this shoot.  An important feature Karen really showed her love of detail was in the custom labels adorning the lavender vials I flaunted on Claire's apothecary table!"

Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

"Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp was known in 'Outlander' as a healer in 1743.  To convey this point of Claire's character, I thought of displaying an apothecary table.  Setting this mood for Claire, I donned the table with a mocha brown table linen effectively highlighting the lavender vials, apothecary scale, and written apothecary notes along with a personal missive from Jamie executed by calligrapher Jillian Yee-Pham of 2 Hearts B 1 Designs.  By adding very old books I acquired from an auction gave reference to Jamie being an educated Highlander when, most were not.  Colored lavender apothecary vials filled with fresh lavender and other selected herbs would connect with brides today.  These vials linked the color palette to the floral.

Courtney Cochetas of Flowers Forever Design implemented and infused the color palette I chose Bonny Well!  The floral runner adorning the feast table was carefully hand woven on-site.  I positioned two bronze pheasants into the floral runner that reinforced the Scottish theme I was weaving!  The bridal bouquet and floral halo for the bride produced such emotion!  Ornate floral accents on two chairs identified the bride and groom most splendidly!  The floral was grandiose, yet charming leaving one in awe of the beauty it provided so well.

Lisa O'Dwyer of Lisa O'Dwyer Photography amazed me with her attention to capturing all the details I embedded into this shoot.  Hints for the fans to discover!  I myself am attracted to detail and really appreciated the complements Lisa gave me on the particularities in the shoot.  

My goal was to have the 'feel' of 1743 fit into a brides' thoughts in present time as well.  I am pleased with the results!  Translating visions with props is what I do.  Couples conveying themselves to their guests with decor, I never tire of telling my clients story!"

Vendor details

Photography: Lisa O'Dwyer Photography | Venue: Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation | Event Design/Styling: La Vie Le Gage Couture Events | Floral Design: Flowers Forever Design | Cake: Astonishing Cakes, LLC | Hair & Make-Up Artistry: Allison Beach | Wedding Dress: Rebecca Schoneveld | Veil: Blue Bridal Boutique | Full Kilt Regalia: Kilt Rental USA |Men's Poet Shirt: Joyful By Design | Invitation Suite/Book Mark Favors/Labels On Vials: Karen Bartolomei | Calligraphy On Apothecary Notes/Vows: Jillian Yee-Pham | Chairs: La Vie Le Gage Couture Events | Table Design/Staging Decor: La Vie Le Gage Couture Events | Linens: La Tavola | Prop Tables: Event Rents Denver | Scottish Bonnet: Scottish And More | Lavender Books: Calhoun Book Store | Apothecary Scale: Austin Metro Retro


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